NFL: Tank Johnson Speaks Out For Pacman Jones?

Brian MillerCorrespondent IMay 29, 2008

In a clip from ESPN, Tank Johnson openly campaigned for Pacman Jones' reinstatement. Does anybody else see something wrong with this? Does Pacman Jones see something wrong with this?

Tank Johnson, the former Bears and current Cowboys DT has had issues with the law in his past. He was arrested in 2005 for having a concealed gun in his car outside a Chicago nightclub. Okay, that's a minor infraction because the only states that is a crime in is Illinois and Wisconsin. However, a couple months later, he was arrested again on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Things hit rock bottom for Tank when his house was raided by police officers, who discovered he possessed enough firearms and assault rifles to start a war. Then a few weeks later, Tank's personal bodyguard was shot and killed outside a club because of an incident allegedly involving Tank.

These and a couple more incidents led to Tank being suspended from the league and released by the Chicago Bears. He was suspended for the first eight games of last year and then reinstated by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Now since he is an expert in getting suspended, possesing narcotics, carrying illegal firearms, being involved in shootings, and being arrested, he feels he is the perfect spokesman for Pacman Jones' reinstatement.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he is not only speaking out for Jones as a fellow player but as a current teammate. Jerry Jones feels the best way to get talent is to take chances on criminals. Yes, they are incredible athletes and can help you win games, but they are a cancer to your team.

Jerry Jones has gone so far to prevent these two from hanging out and keeping Pacman away from the strip clubs that he has hired around the clock personal security for the defensive back.

In conclusion, if I were in Pacman Jones' shoes, the last person in the world I would want speaking on my behalf is Tank Johnson. This is like Bill Clinton attesting to former Governor Eliot Spitzer's character.

Roger Goodell should see the effect these two will have on each other and the fact that the only way Pacman can stay out of trouble is if Jerry Jones buys his protection.