Adrian Presents: Wrestling Decade Awards

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst ISeptember 22, 2009

This is my 200th article and I wanted to do my first award article for my 200th.

It is time for our decade awards and some of you are wondering so early well its because with a couple months left I think we will not see anything that might change most of these categories.

Wrestling has seen so much since the 90’s were in the rear view mirror and the millennium was ahead of us, now that 2010 is just around the corner we take a look down memory lane.

Wrestling has seen some of our greatest moments, matches and wrestlers come and go and through these awards we relive some of those.

I have selected categories that you the B/R Wrestling Community will decide from and the deadline will be until September 30, 2009. The results will be released on October 1, 2009.

I hope you have fun taking a look back on a great decade of wrestling.

Best Superstar Of The Decade

Best Wrestler Of The Decade

Best Champion Of The Decade

Best Gimmick of the Decade

Best PPV of the Decade

Best PPV Match of the Decade

Best Theme Song Of The Decade

Best Promotion of the Decade

Best Faction/Stable

Best GM Of The Decade

Best Diva Of The Decade

Best Tag Team Of The Decade

Best Match Of The Decade

Best Wrestlemania Match Of The Decade

Best Mic Skills Of The Decade

Best Promo of the Decade

Feud of the Decade

Biggest Return Of The Decade

Saddest Moment of the Decade

Greatest Moment of the Decade

Most Overrated Superstar Of The Decade

Most Underrated Superstar Of The Decade

Worst Gimmick of the Decade

Worst Wrestler of the Decade

Worst Champion of the Decade

Worst Match of the Decade

Worst Moment of the Decade

OMG Moment of the Decade

Comeback of the Decade

Manger of the Decade

Family of the Decade

Most Inspirational/Motivational Moment of the Decade

Best Face Of The Decade

Best Heel Of The Decade

Best Moment

Worst Moment

Funniest Moment

Most Saddening Death of a Pro Wrestler

Most Memorable Backstage Moment

Best Storyline or Rivalry

Most Memorable Heel or Baby face turn

Best Line Spoken

Most Over Used Phrase

Sexiest Moment By a Female Wrestler(s)

Best Play by Play Commentator

Best Color Commentator

Best Backstage Interviewer

Best Ring Announcer