Does Winning The United States Championship Mean Bad Things To Come?

Myles HubbardCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2009

 Throughout its illustrious history, the United States Championship has been held by the likes of Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Sting. Now I know you might be thinking," All of these men went on to have Hall Of Fame careers". But I happened to come across a something that I find rather interesting. You see, as we all know, John Cena is a former United States Champion. But, I noticed that after his final reign, the following men to hold the title have not fared all that well in the long run after winning the title. Let's take a look shall we?


Orlando Jordan- Really did nothing in the WWE afterwards besides revealing that he was bi-sexual


Chris Benoit- No need to explain


Booker T- Although he did become the World Heavyweight Champion afterwards, he was released from the company the following year.


JBL- He had a brief stint with the IC Title but that's about it and is currently not employed in the WWE


Bobby Lashley- He did win the ECW Title on two seperate occasions, and challenged John Cena for the WWE Championship, but he got released soon after.


Finlay- Has not held another WWE championship since, and was revealed to be the father of a midget.


Mr. Kennedy- Ailing injuries and missed opportunities kept this man from becoming a main eventer.  He also did not win another title afterwards, and is currently not employed with the company.




MVP- He's basically rotting in the midcard, and is currently in a tag team that was just thrown together


Matt Hardy- He did win the ECW Title afterwards, but there is currently no place for him in the main event scene on Raw or Smackdown and will most likely get lost in the shuffle until a few of the older veterans retire.


Shelton Benjamin- Really hasn't won anything after losing the United States Championship. He's currently being used on ECW to help get some of the younger guys over.


Kofi Kingston?- What will happen after his U.S. Title reign is over with? Only time will tell.




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