Retro No Mercy 2008 Review

Kyle MoCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2009

No Cena? No Problem.


1 -- ECW champion MATT HARDY vs. MARK HENRY (w/Tony Atlas):  I was honestly expecting better than this because of their recent TV match  that occurred- where they put on a good solid match. Not to say that this was bad, it was just a standard David vs. Goliath type of match with the underdog “over coming the odds” once more. * ¾



2 -- Women's champion BETH PHOENIX vs. CANDICE MICHELLE -- Women's Title match: I guess WWE thought this would be better short, since this only got 4 minutes. For the time it got, it was decently packed with action. Beth Phoenix should deserve more time and a better opponent in her title defenses. *


3 -- REY MYSTERIO vs. KANE:  This was one of Kane’s best performances in a long time. They told a good story and believable one at that about Rey being the true underdog trying to overcome the big red monster with intelligent counters. But the problem with this match was that the purpose of the match was that Kane wanted Rey to take off his mask, but he gets himself dq’ed for pretty much no explanation.**


4--JBL vs. BATISTA -- #1 Contender match to Raw's World Hvt. Title: Well that is one way of making Batista look strong, again. This was just a glorified Batista squash, with about four moves in the match. JBL had to recuperate his heat by cutting a promo about how he is better than us. This should have just been on Raw and not wasted our time. ¾*


5 -- THE UNDERTAKER vs. BIG SHOW:  Pretty good big man brawl. Right person went over and the story made sense. This is one of the best Big Show outings in a long time. The finish could have been a little better, and I would have rather seen Show go over squeaky clean here, but no real reason to complain about perfectly acceptable wrestling.** ½



6 -- WWE champion TRIPLE H vs. JEFF HARDY -- WWE Title match: Oodles of high pace action and spots.  Jeff Hardy really looked impressive by hitting his spots well timed, and with no mess ups. HHH allowed Jeff to carry the match by relying on his spots, while HHH just set the spots up perfectly. These two really established great chemistry together, and brought the very best out of each other.  At the time, possibly Jeff Hardy’s best non-gimmick single’s match and also one of HHH's best matches in a while.  *** ¾

7 -- World Hvt. champion CHRIS JERICHO vs. SHAWN MICHAELS -- World Title match -- ladder match: When they first named that it would be a ladder match, I was not that happy because I didn’t think that they would be capable of telling the emotional story of the feud. But once the match was over, I had to admit I was wrong. This had great storytelling and even though there were no breath-taken spots, every spot had a purpose and fit in the pieces of the puzzle of telling the story. Jericho and HBK really told a great story of that they really wanted to hurt each other and this was told nicely by the spots they did at the right time. Great match, with great psychology. **** ¼



 Going Home: This was an actual surprise; I was thinking by looking at the card before this show it would be just a one match show. But it was more than that, it had not one but three worth watching matches (all in order). You can easily skip the first hour or hour and half of this show and not miss a thing, but I really recommend you see the last three matches. So I will give this show a solid thumbs up.