What Is College Football?

Jonny SAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2009

College football is something that captures a unique and proud audience. An audience that rushes onto a field when their huge underdog team beats a Goliath. One that wears their emotions on their face and disappointment and elation can be spotted from across the stadium. 

College football is fun. It is exciting. It is heart-wrenching. When the stadium announcer calls out the final score of your rival, everyone is silent until the last sound is spoken. 

College football brings out raw emotion in people. In this nation of ours so many people are encouraged to keep to themselves. Sadness and anger are for the weak minded. Not in the society of college football though. Fans who cry are not laughed at, they are met with compassion. Fans who cheer loudly are greeted with high-fives and even some half-hugs.

Of course there is trash talk and disagreement but every fan knows the heartache and pain a fellow fan has after a loss. 

College football night games are like no other. The lights are bright, the crowd is loud, and the stadium is always ready to erupt. Friends and foes sit only feet apart and stand and holler at much different times.

The tailgating and barbecue scene cannot be matched. College football brings new and old friends together for many a good time. Beers are drunk, TV's are watched, and camaraderie is formed. 

In no other sport do fans drive hundreds of miles to watch their team play. Underdog or favorite, the fans are always there to stay. Defeats are crushing, wins are are life-changing (at that moment). Players give everything they've got and do it all for pride.

No other event in life do men and women come together and hardly have an argument. Guys and girls jump and yell together and nobody questions them for bringing their partner. Everyone is accepted, everyone is liked, for it is college football and our school's pride takes center stage, not our own.

People get drunk and yell stupid things. Guys whistle at hot girls and they roll their eyes back...unless they're wearing the same jersey of course, as fate would have it. The smell of BBQ is always in the air...where else can you pig out and feel like the norm?

College football is the best. Without it, text messages and phone calls would never be made. A simple dial to tell your friend how great your school is and how awful his is. Or a simple text message of "I'm sorry dude", when his/her team is beat on the last play. 

Everything is there, it is what it is, college football is unique as are its fans. Football fan or not, every student should go. It is an experience like none you have had before. 

The next time you go, this weekend or next, wait until the crowd leaves after the game, sit in the empty stadium all by yourself...and I bet if you look close enough, you won't be alone. 

College football, a win or a loss, is the best. Happy or sadness, it is always a blast. When you look back on your college years, the best memories will be those of the games and the "pre-gaming" times. Don't take it for granted, these times are the best...Saturday's together, always and forever.

This is what college football is, it's passion from the players and love from the fans.

Enjoy this next Saturday and all the games from here on out. Remember to take a minute to yourself...look around you, you have thousands of friends.