Tiger Strkes Again...and Never Looks Back

CB MaxwellContributor ISeptember 22, 2009

LEMONT, IL - SEPTEMBER 13: Tiger Woods hits his third shot on the 11th hole during the final round of the BMW Championship at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club on September 13, 2009 in Lemont, Illinois. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

IN Chicago, Tiger Woods reestablished his place of dominance at the BMW
(formerly the Western Championship) with an 8 stroke victory over the field.
He shot a 19 under that included an astonishing 62 (9 under the 71 par) on
Saturday to lap the field.  This after Rees Jones did everything he could to
Tiger "proof" the new layout at Cog Hill.  With a field average of just at 71 he simply blew them away, with everyone else playing for second...again.
What is even more remarkable is that he shot 12 under for the weekend
which means in essence, in the two rounds on the weekend, he shot better
than the field for the 4 rounds since Thursday.  This is dominance.  This
is excellence.  This is power and finesse.  

This is a man in full possession of a game that NEVER sees this kind of both consistency and ability. Critics (which will pop up every time he doesn't win) are simply looking for a story in my view.  He has no peer and he knows it.  As I stated in an earlier blog, I believed that after his loss to YE Yang at the PGA, I said, "look out" he is going to come back "more determined" than ever.  When you think about it...how the hell can he do that?  The fact is he is always DETERMINED to win.  He never enters a tournament with anything other that a W on his mind.  That alone separates him from the field.

This is not the first year that he has done this.  But, when you think about it, in one
year he does what most guys would consider a career on the PGA Tour.  6 wins, a hair under $9 Million, 700 hundred thousand in earnings.  Oh, and two second place finishes. For more stats, go to his website here: Tiger Woods

He has averaged about 2 strokes per round the the Tour average less than everyone
else, which means as a professional golfer, on the first tee, you spot him a shot per nine holes.  He has been the number one player for 51 months...not weeks...or since June of 2005 which INCLUDED his what was it...an 8 or 9 month layoff and a major surgery!!! Who DOES THAT?  No one.

How good is he this year...6 wins in 16 events...or a WINNING percentage of .375, or put another way, he WINS more often than any major league baseball player gets a damn HIT!  Think about that...a major league player gets 4 at bats per game...and say he gets 10 pitches per at bat, or he gets 40 chances to get a hit per game...and most don't get more than .300 averages, or they don't get a hit 70% of the time.  Tiger goes out against over 100 of the world's best players, and beats them almost 4 out of ten times.  Simply ridiculous.  If he wins the Tour Championship at East Lake, (the home course for Bobby Jones) he will raise that winning percentage to .411.

What we are watching is in my opinion, the greatest living athlete in history...period.
CB Maxwell, Golf Junkys Staff writer.