Tennessee-Florida: Vols Played To Win

Dusty FloydCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 19:  Chris Rainey #3 of the Florida Gators runs for a first down during the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

According to Florida head coach, Urban Meyer the Tennessee Volunteers weren't going after the win against the Gators this past Saturday in their 23-13 loss. The Vols didn't pass the ball much, and Meyer said that the Vols were just trying to shorten the game.

"I didn't feel like they were going after the win," Meyer said. "They wanted to shorten the game. I think that was the plan. There are 10 minutes to go and they're not in a no-huddle. It's 23-6 and no urgency (on Tennessee's part).

This is were I have to disagree with Meyer. The Vols have two great running backs in Montario Hardesty and Bryce Brown, while there passing attack obviously needs improvement.

The only way Tennessee was going to win was by shortening the game, and keeping Tim Tebow off of the field. If the Vols decided to go after the Gators with an aggressive offense that's when they would've gotten blown out by throwing many interceptions.

For example, when Tennessee was down by 10 points in the fourth quarter and decided to throw down field, that ended up in a turnover. The Vols had to have a passive offense to prevent more of these situations.

If the Vols were able to turn the two field goals within the ten yard line into touchdowns, it would've been a whole new ball game and Meyer wouldn't have had any room to say that Tennessee wasn't trying to win the game.

Despite this argument, Tennessee will definitely need to have a little bit more confidence in quarterback, Jonathan Crompton, in certain situations. There were multiple times in the red zone where the Vols ran the ball too much without letting Crompton throw the ball.

A simple play action could've surprised the defense leading to a touchdown, rather than a field goal. Crompton finished the game 11 for 19 with just 93 passing yards and two interceptions.

The moral of the story is, despite Tennessee's lack of an aggressive offense, that was just their best chance to pull off the upset. And even despite the loss, this game should boost the Vols' confidence heading into next week and future SEC play.