Montreal Canadiens: A Start of a New Hab-It, I Hope

----- -----------Correspondent ISeptember 22, 2009

It may be the preseason, but what the hell, it's been too long anyway. Besides, I don't know how many reviews of a game I'm going to feel this good about while I'm writing it. 

So here it is, without further delay: a review of the seafood line.

The seafood line is a nickname that has spread throughout Montreal radio and small-talk pretty quickly; callamari and two shrimps, clearly referencing newcomers Cammalleri, Gomez, and Gionta. Seafood, see? It's funny, you'll get it later.

Nothing was funny about last night's game, which saw the Canadiens down walking into the third period. 

That's when the lines were shuffled, Cammalleri went up to the first line after Max Pacioretty was injured. (on a side note, Jacques Martin, head coach, said "It’s nothing serious but we decided to keep him out for the third,"—so fret not about Max, he will also be re-evaluated on Tuesday.)

The result was Gionta connecting and scoring two goals and adding a helper to Scott Gomez' goal. 

This marked the first time all three of the big acquisitions of the offseason played together, and big results came out of it. 

After the game, Gionta had the following to say about the way the team played: "Any time you can feel good about your game at the end of it, when you finish strong, that’s good, that seems to be the theme this season, we’re finishing strong. We have to work on our starts a little bit but we’re building some good chemistry out there. They brought a lot of character guys in and kept some character guys, every third period, whether we’re behind or not, we’re giving ourselves a chance to get back in it."

As for rekindling chemistry, how about when Gionta connected with Gomez for a nice shot-handed goal, which tied the game 2-2?

About that, Gionta can only say "It’s good to be in a situation like that where you know where the guy’s going to be[...]"

As for Carey Price, he was happy his team was able to bring them back in, Price posted a .903 save percentage, stopping 28 out of 31 shots the entire game which included a strong performance in the first period with 14 saves. 

Some side notes; both Crosby and Staal were held pointless tonight, Malkin, Geurin, and Gonchar all scored for Pittsburgh.

This win caps off the five straight games the Habs have played, settling the preseason record at 3-2. 

The nicest goal was by far the last goal when Gionta sent it to Cammalleri who sent it back to Gionta for a one-timer where there was no chance. 

On to camp cuts; notables P.K. Subban, Mike Glumac, Shawn Belle, and Erik Nielson where all sent down to the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs. 


Three Stars

1. Brian Gionta

2. Scott Gomez

3. Andrei Markov