MC's NFL Power Rankings After Week Two

Matt CullenAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 20:  Kicker Lawrence Tynes #9 of the New York Giants celebrates his game winning field goal with Dave Tollefson #71 against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

To say that there were some radical changes made to the Power Rankings would be an understatement. Five of the top six teams lost Sunday, and the other needed a last second field goal to win.

There are also three unexpected division leaders so far in the New York Jets, Denver Broncos, and San Francisco 49ers.

The New York Jets (again) made the biggest jump in the rankings. (13th to 2nd)

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers tied for the biggest drop in the standings. Pittsburgh went from first to eighth and Green Bay went from sixth to 13th.

Now for the full rankings.


1. New York Giants

Of the alleged elite teams in my Power Rankings, the New York Giants were the last ones standing as they went into a hostile environment and knocked off the division rival Dallas Cowboys in their new palace. Previous ranking: 1


2. New York Jets

How could you not buy the New York Jets defense after zero TDs allowed in the first two weeks, against what are supposed to be two of the most explosive offenses in the league? Previous ranking: 13


3. Minnesota Vikings

They've beaten up on two miserable teams but the Minnesota Vikings have balance on offense and talent on defense to finally go places in January. Previous ranking: 8


4. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are doing the unthinkable and winning with offense. They are second in PPG, Flacco has five TDs on offense to only two picks, and the duo of Willis McGahee and Ray Rice at RB are looking very good. Previous ranking: 9


5. Indianapolis Colts

Make that nine wins in their last 10 games decided by less than a TD. Previous ranking: 7


6. New Orleans Saints

It feels like this unit can score 40 points on anyone, anytime, and anywhere...And it's true. Previous ranking: Previous ranking: 10


7. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan's sophomore campaign is also starting quite well. Still not sold on this defense down the stretch, but so far so good for the Atlanta Falcons. Previous ranking: 12


8. Pittsburgh Steelers

That loss has to leave a really bad taste in Jeff Reid's mouth. Far from time to panic. Previous ranking: 1


9. San Diego Chargers

So the Dallas Cowboys proceed to disappear in December every year, just around the time when it feels like the San Diego Chargers finally show up. Previous ranking: 3


10. Philadelphia Eagles

I'll give Kevin Kolb some credit. Up until late in the game he really did look better than I thought he would. Ultimately though it was not nearly enough when facing Drew Brees. Previous ranking: 4

11.New England Patriots

As I said in my last article, the bullies of the AFC East just got punched. So much for them running away with the East. Previous ranking: 5


12.Cincinnati Bengals

Carson Palmer threw a couple of nearly costly picks but showed good flashes too. Once highly-touted young RB Cedric Benson is averaging over 100 YPG so far. Previous ranking: 14


13.Green Bay Packers

The very talented Green Bay Packers' offense is having difficulty taking advantage of a plus-5 turnover margin on the season. Previous ranking: 6


14. Dallas Cowboys

251 rushing yards against one of the best front seven's in football...and you lose. That's what happens when you turn the ball over four times. Previous ranking: 11


15. Arizona Cardinals

Kurt Warner appears to be a very young 38 after completing over 92 percent of his passes on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Previous ranking: 15


16. Houston Texans

Not much action from Slaton, but the Texans offense looks back on track as Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson both had monster games against the Titans. Previous ranking: 16


17. San Francisco 49ers

The defense appears to be better than I expected as the 49ers have opened the season with solid wins against divisional foes. Previous ranking: 20


18.Chicago Bears

Even Jay Cutler's biggest critic has to admit that he looked a lot better this week against the defending champs. 236 yards and two TDs should be enough to get Chicagoans to relax for now. Previous ranking: 22


19.Washington Redskins

I know it's not the most explosive offense in the world, but the Redskins should be able to score more than nine points against the St. Louis Rams. A win is a win though. Previous ranking: 19


20.Tennessee Titans

They shut down the opposing run game once again but this time they really let the passing game run wild. If it makes the Tennessee Titans feel any better, Chris Johnson helped me win in Fantasy Football this week. Previous ranking: 17

21.Seattle Seahawks

Just when it looked like Matt Hasselbeck was finally healthy, he cracks a rib. That's a potentially devastating loss for the Seattle Seahawks


22. Denver Broncos

There was so many questions about Josh McDaniels this offseason. Right now he can tune those out because the Denver Broncos are 2-0 and their much maligned defense has given up just one TD. Previous ranking: 24


23.Oakland Raiders

Sunday's win over the Kansas City Chiefs was winning ugly at its finest. Previous ranking: 26


24.Buffalo Bills

So much for Monday night hangover from that brutal loss. With three rookie OL starting and Marshaun Lynch suspended, the Buffalo Bills offense looks better than I thought. Previous ranking: 27


25.Miami Dolphins

Hold the ball for over 45 minutes and lose...I'm not sure what to say. Previous ranking: 25


26.Jacksonville Jaguars

Just when you thought the Jacksonville Jaguars might be competitive in the AFC South, they let off an absolute stink-bomb at home against a west coast team. Previous ranking: 21


27.Carolina Panthers

Good news is that Jake Delhoumme did not throw 10 INTs, in fact he only threw one. Bad news is the Carolina Panthers still lost. Previous ranking: 23


28.Kansas City Chiefs

They hired an offensive guru in Todd Haley before the year and traded for QB Matt Cassel who finished very well last year in New England. Thus far, the Kansas City Chiefs are not getting their money's worth. Previous ranking: 28


29.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As low as I had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the year, even I thought their defense would be better than this. Previous ranking: 29


30.Cleveland Browns

Either the Denver Broncos are better than we thought or the Cleveland Browns are much worse than we thought...Perhaps a little bit of both even. Previous ranking: 30


31.St. Louis Rams

A little bit of a silver lining this week, Stephen Jackson ran for over 100 yards and the defense looked a lot better than they did against Seattle. Previous ranking: 31


32.Detroit Lions

Two down, 14 to go. Previous ranking: 32
































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