Bring Tony and Dave To The Yankees

Steven earlContributor ISeptember 22, 2009

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 2:  Manager Tony La Russa #10 (L) and pitching coach Dave Duncan #18 of the St. Louis Cardinals watch as the New York Mets take a four run lead in the first inning during a spring training game at Roger Dean Stadium on March 2, 2006 in Jupiter, Florida. The Mets defeated the Cards 12-7.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

OK I'm fed up with no clue Joe. I let last year slide since it was his first year as a Yankee manager and he did not even win 90 games and we were out of the postseason for the first time in over 13 seasons. Now that i've seen Joe and how hes handling a 95 win team i cant handle it myself, and same goes for some other Yankee fans. Joe in the month of September needs to put his A lineup up every game but he doesn't. Questions of him and the clubhouse have raised like five times as a manager. So lets get free agents to be Tony LaRussa and the great Dave Duncan and show Joe how to run a team like the Yankees.

I know your thinking this team has 95 maybe 100 wins, that may be true but if you have watched the games this man has called you would have no hair left on your head because how bad of a manager he is. The reason the Yankees might win 100 games is because the lineup has the men like Jeter, A-rod, Tex, Posada, Matsui and also a closer like Mo.

Hear is the reason for my madness. Dave Duncan is fed up with the Cards cuz of the way they treated his son Chris and some personal issues. Dave Island has been a good pitching coach but hes no Dave Duncan or Mike Maddex. Dave Duncan solved John Smoltz in like three days if not shorter. He also turned the careers of Lohse and Pineiro around. Need i go on.....He also spawned 4 Cy Young winners like: Chris Carpenter, LaMorr Hoyt, Bob Welch, Dennis Eckersley and he might have a fifth in Adam or Carpenter (again).

Now onto Tony LaRussa. Now some say Tony might not fit well in NY because of his personality but hes managing a baseball team in a baseball town, which in my eyes says something, of course if you have a man like Albert your chances of winning are high to very high. Tony has the type of experience that the Yankees might need like that no quit stuff that Tony can give from time to time. Tony is also ranked third in most wins in baseball history so he knows how to win and keep his team focused down the stretch. Joe has non of the stuff Tony has.

Now i know the Yankee haters of the world would say "jeez you Yankee fans just can't handle winning 95-100 games so you need to go out and get two good coaches? wow you Yankee fans are a joke to baseball" I know I'm going crazy and should not bring this situation up because the Yankees already won 95 games and maybe 100 but if you Yankee haters actually see how bad Joe has managed this club you would see the reason for this madness. Dave Duncan could solve the Joba, AJ and Bruney issues and he could make this pitching staff that host CC, AJ, ANDY, Joba and maybe Wang or Hughes. Tony LaRussa on the skipper side would not have the Posada issues, the Andy issue and also the sense of I'm out of it when the game is 1-7. I know this is just a dream and wont happen but something has to be done cuz Joe is a horrible manager. Let me know if it sounds like a good idea or not