Ten Most Over-Used Words....Week 3/2

Sherrie GContributor ISeptember 22, 2009

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 20:  The football awaits action as it lies on the turf as the Cleveland Browns face the Denver Broncos during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Browns 27-6.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)



Most Over-used words (already) in week3/2


1. Moral victory

            This is just silly.  A ‘Moral Victory’ will get my team to the National Championship just like your “This is the best service I’ve ever had!” comment; with a 5% tip, will pay my rent!!!


2.  Swagger

            I don’t know how much Old Spice or T.I. paid you to throw this word around, but I’m pretty sure the only person we can describe as ‘having a swagger’ is James Bond. (Choose your favorite one), and he does NOT play football…not even the ‘European one.’


3. Wildcat

            Actually, the way ‘they’ say it, it should be spelled “Wild-Cat!”

I respect you, John Gruden…I really DO, but your sportscaster credit score is slipping with this one.  Ummm, and if you wanna know WHY I’m saying this, then go ask Brett Favre…about the Wild-Cat! and also,… ask the Miami Dolphins, and see just how it has worked out for them.


(Sidebar…it looks REALLY cool in HD!)


4. Manning

Ok, haha!, not really!  (They) just actually happen to be the best thing(s) to talk about.  (Nielsen-statistically-speaking, of course!)



5. Michael Vick

            He done WRONG...  He done his time

   He’s an exciting quarterback that will sell tickets

            I think that keeping Michael Vick out of the NFL is like going to the beach and             stopping the tideIf he messes up again, then let’s ALL cross over THAT             BRIDGE…together!,  but let’s at least give the guy a chance!  WhatEVER

            happened to ‘rooting for the under-dog?!’  (ooooohh……….Too soon?)


6.  Favre

            (Point taken because I’ve already mentioned him….)


7. Gameday

This has become synonymous with “I have something better to do than  to spend time with YOU." 

Let’s get it straight…we can watch college football on Thursday, Friday, and

ALL DAY Saturday, as well as Pro Football ALL DAY Sunday and

Monday Night.

Boys:  you’ve been EXPOSED!  Girls:  He’s REALLY just NOT that into you.

So, basically, the only NON-Gameday(s) are:   hrm…Tuesday and Wed!  (But I’m sure I can find a game SOMEWHERE that I MISSED that’s on my DVR.)


8. Kardashian, Simpson, etc.

    (insert whatever other girl you don’t like_____HERE_____.)


            Girlfriends have NO place in conversations like these, unless:

            A.  You’re ME, or:

            B.   You officially pass ‘inspection.’  Girls:  This a very serious test, one that will get YOU to ‘The Promised Land!  Boys:  If your girl passes ‘the test,’ then you MUST TAKE HER to ‘The Promised Land.’  (And you know what I’m talkin’ about!)


9. Tebow

            Great kid!  He’s everything that a Boy Scout, Heisman Trophy-winning, National Championship-getting, SUPERMAN-Quarterback should be!  I’ve actually seen a few of these this-year's-superstar-types in the NFL in my lifetime.  It WILL be worth watching!  But really sportscaster-guys(!), we’re really just tired of hearing about him.  I'm pretty sure there is SOMEONE ELSE who warrants talk-time  You didn’t even talk Michael Jordan up like THIS IN HIS DAY!  Congrats Kid!  But, ya know what??  I heard it all on Saturday, can we take a BREAK already?? 

p.s......The Big Boys are ready to play you next year!


10. (I’m sure I missed something…feel free to tell me what it is and/or add your             own!)