The 20 Best Leaps In College Football

Bryan KellySenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2009

The 20 Best Leaps In College Football

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Sam Bradford Thanks You, Asks For Another

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UCLA QB Cade McNown Rides A Wave

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Sam McGuffie Leaps So High, It Qualifies As A Transfer To Rice

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Golden Tate Leaps Into The, Er, Wrong Crowd

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Herschel Walker, Herschel Walker Win With Flair

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Beanie Wells, Leaping When Leaping Was The Rage

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Reggie Bush Digs The Front Flip Out Of His Repertoire

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Have You Ever Seen A Fullback Jump That High?

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Deuce McAllister, Translated

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Jahvid Best, To Whom This Slideshow Owes Its Existence

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Mike Hart, Scheduled To Land In The Notre Dame Endzone Sometime Today

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Barry Sanders Times His Leap Against Wyoming

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Ortege Jenkins Catflippin' Over UDub

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Old School: Tillman Takes It In From The Five

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Ross Dickerson!

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Carson Palmer Accepts His Heisman From Four Feet In The Air, Upside Down

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Ram Veal Sacks Clausen On Fourth Down To Force Overtime

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LaVar Arrington Shuts Down The Illini

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Knowshon Moreno Skies It Against The Sun Devils

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