Midway Monday: Week Two Edition

Joseph MoroniContributor ISeptember 21, 2009

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 20: Danieal Manning #38 and Nick Roach #53 of the Chicago Bears bring down Willie Parker #39 of the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 20, 2009 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Steelers 17-14. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

welcome to the first edition of Midway Monday, my weekly take on the Chicago Bears. As we all know, last week was not the debut that Bears fans or Jay Cutler had envisioned. In a game in which the defense gave the Bears offense every opportunity to win the game, including setting up a potential game-winning drive for Jay Cutler to redeem himself after throwing three interceptions. that first week was definitely a week to forget. To top it all off, the Bears last middle linebacker and captain of the defense Brian Urlacher. But enough about last week, let's get into the good stuff.

welcome to Johnny "Knox"Ville

at the beginning of training camp I wrote a preview of all the rookies that the Bears drafted and what their impacts would be on 2009 team. One of the names that stood out even then was Johnny Knox. I had heard he was supposed to have blinding speed and had a good chance of making this season. And in the preseason, Johnny was able to impress not only Bears fans, but the coaching staff as well. There is need for a girl to wide receiver left open to a variety of players to come in and fill the necessary void. In fact, the lone bright spot for the week 1 loss to the Packers was a 60 yard touchdown strike from Jay Cutler to Johnny Knox down the sideline. In that one lady was able to showcase both his speed and playmaking ability.

but this week was his coming-out party. Knox finished the day with six receptions for 70 yards that included the tying touchdown midway through the fourth quarter. if his speed was not enough to impress , the poise that the first year man out of Abilene Christian has shown for the first two games on the biggest stage of his life should. coming from a small Division II school where the highest attendance was between 8000 and 10,000 people to playing a dazzling game in front of 60,000 home fans has got to be a huge transition for. If he continues to play like he did Sunday, you just might become couplers favorite receiver. He already has my vote.

monsters of the Midway

with Brian Urlacher out for the rest of the season with a wrist injury, it was imperative this week that compares defense proof that they are more than a one-man show. Over the first two weeks of the season, we have definitely seen a different Chicago defense than last season's. The main thing that has been impressive so far for the Bears this season is the improved defensive line play. Last year for whatever reason the defensive line struggled a little bit and the defense as a whole suffered. So far this season, the defensive line has been great, last week it was Wale Ogunleye that provided excitement, it was Alex Brown.Brown finished the game Sunday with two sacks and two tackles for loss. One of his sacks came late in the fourth quarter to push kicker Jeff Reed back far enough so that he would missed a potential game-winning field goal.

The defense has performed really well in the first two games despite only having one take away, a first quarter interception by Charles Tillman against the Steelers. So far it has been defensive line that has been the difference in the first two games, now it is up to the rest of defense to solidify himself and start becoming a turnover forcing machine that the Bears defense has been under Lovie Smith.

Robbie is as good as Gould

kicker Robbie Gold again came through in the clutch late in the fourth quarter when he nailed a 44 yard field goal with less than 20 seconds for meaning in the game to clinch the big victory for the Bears. This was his first game-winning field goal of the season. The Kick was the eighth game-winning field-goal of his career in his 19 of 20 in the last two minutes of a half or in overtime. Robbie Gold is listed as the third most accurate placekicker in NFL history and the most accurate in Bears history. Whenever he steps on the field late in game you just know he's going to come up big for you. There is absolute confidence that he can drill a field goal within a 35 yard line, and that's all it took for the Bears to win the game on Sunday

Game notes

Alex Brown appeared to go down late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game. It appears that he has suffered a sprained ankle. But team sources and Alex Brown himself and said that he will be back next week for the game in Seattle.  Brown hasn't missed a game since the 2002 season opener when he was a healthy scratch. And has played in a team-leading 113 games and has made 93 starts.it is not yet clear if tight end Desmond Clark will be back for the Seahawks game next Sunday but has been ably replaced by Kellen Davis had a touchdown reception Sunday against the Steelers.

next up

Chicago Bears versus Seattle Seahawks

3:15 PM in Seattle.

Matt Hassleback may be out as quarterback after he suffered a broken rib in Sunday's loss To the San Francisco 49ers. I will write a full preview of the game on Thursday or Friday. Until then, remember to check back every week for Midway Monday.