Saturday Lax Link-O-Rama

Jeff BrunelleContributor ISeptember 19, 2009

There is always a lot going on in the lacrosse world.  This post o’ links will put it all at the tips of your fingers with just one click!

NCAA Division 1 Albany has signed on with Maverik. Expect some sick gear in purple, black, white and yellow.

Speaking of purple and yellow, Jake Coon, a 2001 graduate of Nazareth and MLL goalie is taking over at RITNDNU hired a new coach and we also have a few other new coaches and new programs: Centre College has started a team and found a coach while Ferrum College has only completed step one.  Always good to see the game expanding!

RIT will be playing a little fall ball this year, as will a bunch of other teams.  To see a schedule for all this NCAA scrimmage action, look no further than right here.

As I stated earlier this year, stick dimensions will be a recurring conversation.  Check out what IL had to say about the changes.

IL also covered Max Seibald’s trip to upstate NY for a wooden lacrosse stick and the chance to meet with the legendary Alfie Jacques.  Sure, LAS has been talking up wooden sticks for a little while, but Max’s trip represents a whole new level towards bridging the gap between the old school and the new.

With regards to other LAS news, 412Lax has joined the LAS network of lax sites and his blog is off the chain.  Lot of opinion and MCLA insider info.  We’re beyond excited to have him join the ranks and can see big things in the future!

For up-to-date lax info, y’all need to check out Twitter.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t a believer at first but if you’re addicted to lax and want to know what Paul RabilKyle Harrison, Steven Berger and Zach Greer are up to RIGHT NOW then you need to check it out.  You can also follow LAS and then click around to find other people who’s lives might interest you.  I’d put up a link to my personal Twitter account, but I’m just not that interesting…

B T Dubs, Kyle Harrison has a new blog… I get the feeling it is going to be something special.

New JAM OF THE WEEK from Connor is Miike Snow “Animal”.  It is Miike and not Mike because they are Swedish. That’s their story and for now I’m choosing to believe them.

Time to go watch some football.