Bengals Show Maturity and Grit Against GB: Can It Continue Vs Steelers?

William NoonanContributor ISeptember 21, 2009

I was never so happy to be so wrong after Cincinnati's victory versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon. I did not think the Bengals had much of a chance going into Green Bay to take on a team that many favor to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. After last week’s meltdown against the Broncos at home, everything had a Packers blow out written all over it, but someone forgot to tell that to Antawn Odom and the rest of the Bengals defense.

This win was a huge victory for the Bengals and Marvin Lewis and showed everyone that they are a much improved team and can play with anyone. Cincinnati displayed a lot of things good team do such as, fighting back from last week's nightmare, clawing back during the game to take the lead, and maturity and leadership from the veteran players.

The Bengals and their fans have a lot to be proud of and should feel good about their chances facing Pittsburgh next week in the jungle. However, I have seen this story before and I am very concerned about being blown out by the Steelers next week. Just like going into Lambeau Field, everything is set up for a blow out loss. First, Pittsburgh is coming off of a tough loss versus the Bears. Second, the Steelers always play the Bengals tough in Cincinnati winning eight out of the last nine meetings in Cincinnati. Third, the Steelers fans have a big crowd that follow them to the jungle and is almost like a home game for them. But the thing that concerns me the most is the mindset of the Bengals and if Marvin Lewis can keep them focused.

History has shown that in the Marvin Lewis era that when the Bengals do have a big win and show promise of turning the page the wheels fall off. Cincinnati always seems to get too over-confident and start to get full of themselves in these instances. Either that or someone will do something foolish and get arrested.

With all of that said, I really believe that the Steelers are ripe for the picking and the Bengals can make a big statement with a win against the defending Super Bowl Champions this coming Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium. The question is are the Bengals finally physically and mentally tough to take down Big Ben and Pittsburgh?