anonymous guyCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen! As most of you all know, Ray Bogusz has retired from the B/R Community and we are all very sad to see him go. But as Vince always says, "the show must go on!"

So I got together with one of the original members, Greg Bush and we have officially decided to bring back one of the greatest B/R series of all time!

Greg Bush has decided to continue Raw and I have anew brand, Smackdown. But something is currently missing... A third member. This third member must meet at least 5 requirements as we are hoping to make this at least as good as our previous run. Those requirements are:

1. You have to be consistent in releasing your articles on Tuesdays and PPV Sundays.

2. You have to abide by the normal creative team rules. (No stealing superstars from each other's brands without the writer's permission, only contact each other through email, and always send the links of your most recent articles to your team, i.e. me and Greg Bush.)

3. You must trade email addresses with all members, i.e. me and Greg Bush.

4. If you have input or ideas, always email them to all members.

5. After emailing your members, do not act on your idea until all members agree on the subject at hand.

Basically folks its a competition and it ends at 3:00pm Thursday Night on September 24.

The rules are simple, if you are interested, send me your article of ECW written by you. If your article is the best, then on that Friday at 12:00am September 25, I will contact you via email to let you know if you are the next writer for ECW!

The Second best article will be the head writer for WWE Superstars, in which case you must get permission to use certain superstars in certain matches and you only get to write once a week without a PPV article. I will contact you via email on that Friday at 12:00pm September 25.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that is it. If you need any help, just check out my prevous ECW installments and hopefully you can use something, but NO PLAGARISM (At least that's how I think its supposed to be spelled lol.)!

Thanks and I will be looking forward to your articles. Good luck!

Please send your articles to the following email adress: