Hey, Detroit Lions, I Have One Simple Question: WTF?

Chris StewardContributor ISeptember 21, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 13:  Head coach Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions argues a call with the referees during the game against the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome on September 13, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints defeated the Lions 45-27.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)


All the other questions have been asked. 

Why did we draft Stafford? Why isn't Culpepper starting (my personal favorite)? A tight end at pick 20? In the first round? Really?

All of those have been answered in some form or fashion; New face of franchise, the future is now, yes, uh huh, you got it.

But the question I have is: "WTF?"

WTF happened at halftime to change the whole demeanor of the team? 

The Lions went into the locker room at halftime doing the unthinkable: they had the lead, kept Adrian Peterson in check and actually got Stafford to throw a touchdown for a change.    The defense was getting pressure, clogging the running lanes and winning.

Things looked good.  I mean really good.

I don't know what was said during the halftime speech, maybe something like "OK, guys, this game has gotten out of hand.  You are the Detroit Lions.  Laughing stock of the league and you want to come out here and actually compete?  WTF?"

WTF was Stafford thinking on those interceptions? 

My memory may not be as touted as Stafford's, but didn't the first interception look just like the one he threw against Atlanta in the preseason?  The second one wasn't much better, either.  Chad Greenway, who picked off the first one, didn't even fake a blitz.  He just dropped into coverage and waited as Stafford threw it right to him.

WTF was Linehan thinking with the second half play calling?

I understand they want to run the ball regardless of 8 or 9 man fronts. But if the defense is stacking the box AND I have Calvin Johnson AND my quarterback has a cannon, I'm going play action.  Besides that, they quit running the screens.  Matter of fact, they quit being creative period. 

While watching the game, my mother, who has the football acumen as dated as Al Davis' was wondering how come they kept running the dive play.

WTF was Cunningham thinking with his second half play calling?

Brett Farve went 23-27 for 155 yards.  That's 6.7 yards per catch.  Why was the secondary giving their receivers such a cushion?  There were maybe two deep attempts all game, and they were well defended.  So the Vikes went away from it and played pitch and catch. 

Granted, the defense did a great job of making tackles in the passing game but the coverage was soft.  In the first half, the defensive was able to get sacks because of good coverage.  But in the second half Farve was able to hit receivers short and move the chains.  I expected more creativity from the Gun.

Lastly, WTF are they not using Arron Brown more in space?

Line him up in the slot or use him in motion and send him into the passing game.  We see Stafford isn't ready for the entire playbook just yet, which is understandable, but in those situations, its up to the coach to be as creative as possible.  Screens are good, draw plays work, and play actions keep the defense honest and simplify things for the quarterback.

But what did we expect?

No one was expecting the Lions to set the league on fire to begin the season and honestly, I'm not completely disappointed yet.  Its obvious the Saints are stacked and the Vikings are a better team on paper and the Lions could have been worse in both games.  I believe this team will improve soon and they showed a lot of promise in the first half. 

Hopefully, the next question I ask is WTF took them so long.