Ultimate Fight Night 19: Nate Quarry's $60k Tops UFC Payroll

Tommy MessanoContributor ISeptember 21, 2009

CULVER CITY, CA - DECEMBER 14:  UFC president Dana White speaks onstage at Spike TV's 2008 'Video Game Awards' held at Sony Pictures' Studios on December 14, 2008 in Culver City, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV)


The full disclosed payroll as well state issued medical suspensions for the UFC's Ultimate Fight Night 19 event includes:


Fighters Purses

    Show     (Win)
Melvin Guillard $14,000.00
Nathan Diaz $24,000.00 ($24,000.00)
Roger Huerta $21,000.00
Bradley Maynard $12,000.00 ($12,000.00)
Jake Ellenberger $10,000.00
Carlos Condit $24,000.00 ($24,000.00)
Timothy Credeur $10,000.00
Nate Quarry $30,000.00 ($30,000.00)

Brian Stann $11,000.00 ($11,000.00)
Steve Cantwell $10,000.00
Mike Pyle $15,000.00 ($15,000.00)
Chris Wilson $17,000.00
Jay Silva $ 6,000.00
Clarence Dollaway $14,000.00 $14,000.00
Phillipe Nover $10,000.00 ($10,000.00)
Sam Stout $12,000.00 ($12,000.00)
Justin Buchholz $ 8,000.00
Jeremy Stephens $12,000.00 ($12,000.00)
Mike Pierce $ 6,000.00 ($ 6,000.00)
Brock Larson $26,000.00
Steve Steinbeiss $ 6,000.00
Ryan Jensen $ 4,000.00 ($ 4,000.00)



Justin Buchholz suspended until Oct. 17, '09 for TKO.
Clarence Dollaway suspended until Oct. 17, '09 due to cuts.
Nathan Diaz suspended until Oct. 17, '09 due to cuts.
Carlos Condit suspended until Sept. 30, '09 due to cuts.
Brian Stann suspended until Oct. 14, 09 due to cuts.

A disclaimer the salary figures above are only those disclosed to the state athletic commission and do not include items such as: Bonuses, sponsorship payouts, or deductions for licensing fees, taxes and insurance.

Ultmma.com also received information regarding the live gate receipt and number of tickets distributed for the event.

The following is the report on tickets and gate receipts received from Cox Business Services Convention Center:

Total number of Tickets: 6687
Total number of Comp Tickets: 2803
Total Tickets Distributed: 9490
Total Gate Receipts: $577,996.72

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