The Future Of MMA Shines Bright In Rodney Wallace

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst ISeptember 21, 2009

Many fighters are ascending within the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Most of them are highly talented, and promising individuals. Amongst those pulling themselves up from the roots of this sport- some grab hold a little tighter than the others- while others climb up the ranks faster.

Very few possess the ability to outshine the competition in this sport permeated with world class athletes.

When you do come across a fighter like this, you can't help but notice. Rodney "Sho Nuff" Wallace appears to be one of these fighters.

Rodney hails from Charlotte NC. He fights for N.C.'s very own Team R.O.C. Their fighters have competed in many prestigious events. Their corner work is impeccable in Wallace's matches. His management team, Fight Legion Inc., is top shelf. They represent many outstanding fighters.

Rodney represents N.C., R.O.C., and Fight Legion well in this sport. They must be proud of this guy considering his apparent talent and skill.

After a short time sitting down and reviewing his fight footage, it was immediately crystal clear; "Sho Nuff" is in the fast lane of MMA. A menacing physique, strong chin, impressive fighting mind, superior ability, and his 9-0 record make it hard to believe otherwise.

In a fight with Carlos Zavallos at The Revolution Fighting Championships in Miami, FL, Wallace left a lasting impression. Not only on his opponent, but everyone watching.

It took longer to announce the fighters than it did for Wallace to end it.

With a razor sharp, lightning fast combo, Wallace dropped Zavallos and the ref immediately stopped the fight. It might have lasted nine seconds tops. Needless to say, it was very impressive.

More recently, Wallace competed for Vendetta Fighting Championships. A "Night of Vengeance" was the card; it was held in Aruba. He competed in an eight man light heavyweight tournament.

Winning a fight is one thing, but a tournament is quite another. Only the best emerge victorious in any tournament style event.

Wallace fought three times on this night, and his quality showed as he stopped two of his opponents and took the other to a unanimous decision. After a hard fought decision with Gregory Milliard, Wallace went on to compete for a round and a half more with Aaron Stark before forcing him submission with the kimura.

It's worth noting, the kimura was sunk mere seconds after Stark decided to get into a conversation with Wallace's corner while the two were grappling. A costly mistake, as that one opening was all Wallace needed to sink the submission.

Finally, after winning two matches, Wallace entered the cage with Antwain Britt. This is where it gets really good. Even after two hard fought matches, Wallace was still crisp and dangerous.

In his finest display of the night, "Sho Nuff" first rocked his opponent with a solid left, then dominated him on the ground and pounded his ribs. When Britt attempted to stand up, Wallace snatched the kimura and as Britt attempted to roll out of it, Wallace transitioned to an arm bar.

Slick is all that can describe it.

An absolute ice cold display of diversity, precision, and effectiveness was on display in Aruba. The future was on on display as well. This generation has witnessed the evolution of combat sports. With guys like Georges St. Pierre's setting the bar with his dominance on every level, young talent is taking notice.

It takes a true student of the idea of mixed martial arts to excel in this sport today. Wallace exemplifies that point. This guy can bang, throw you, take you down, ground and pound, or submit you. All the while looking like its all just a day at the office.

Extremely impressive is Rodney Wallace.

If you listen real close, you can hear him demanding his chance to make his mark on the sport. As a matter of fact, you wont be able to miss it. When it happens it will be without question.

When his time comes, it will be very interesting to see how he fares against top tier opponents on the big stage. After watching Mr. Wallace fight, the question I have is, how will that top tier talent fare against him?

That may be the more important question.