Ted Thompson's Plan and Team Shows Flaws

andy pechContributor ISeptember 21, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 03: General manager Ted Thompson of the Green Bay Packers watches practice at summer training camp on August 3, 2009 at the Ray Nitschke Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

When you are a fan of team, there is a place you just don’t want to go. In the best of times, you are positive, have faith in your players and what they can do. In the worst of times, your hope is that you are only a player away, or that a new coach can turn a defense around, or that the future looks bright.

You don’t want to admit your team is headed in the wrong direction because it means the organization you love needs to be revamped, the team you thought could win will not and some of your favorite players might not be what you thought they were.

This is the place I found myself in at the end of last year. My beloved Green Bay Packers, much hyped and given the benefit of every doubt, finished a disappointing 6-10. I could have stayed on the band wagon but my football instincts told me something was wrong.

First of all, if the Packers were such a talented team, how do they go 6 and 10? Two of those wins came against the Detroit Lions. Surely a team with a multitude of talent can’t fail this miserably.

Then there was this “look at Rodgers’ numbers” thing that stuck in my mind. Why is everyone talking about numbers instead of wins? 

I hated to do it because it meant admitting a long road back, but I came to the understanding that the Packers are not headed anywhere on Ted Thompson’s program.

I know everyone thinks the Packers have a lot of talent, and I am not willing to give up on large part of this roster. However, the Packers are altogether weak in some key areas.

The offensive line stinks and will never be a dominating force. They cannot run block and they cannot pass block. The team has bucked the NFL trend by using low-caliber talent on their offensive line instead of highly picked, proven talent and it is killing them. This coupled with the fact Aaron Rodgers holds the ball far too long is why the low-grade Bengals’ defense made the Packers offense look foolish in the second half.

The Packers linebackers can neither make tackles nor make plays. For all the draft picks and free agents Ted Thompson has thrown at this position, its performance to this point has been a joke. If you want to beat the Packers, run the ball. They can’t stop you.

The Packers safeties are either hurt or giving up a big play. Nick Collins is as overrated as an NFL player can be. If it was not for Charles Woodson, the entire Packers defense would be just one big sham. Capers is a great addition but he needs talent and this roster has little talent on defense.

The special teams have been neglected and look like it week in and week out.

Didn’t anyone tell Ted Thompson you need talent in the NFL? Didn’t anyone tell Mike McCarthy you need ball control to win games in the NFL? Football is a game of field position and game management.

Big numbers on offense are often the sign of a poor team. Losses are definitely a sign of a poor team. Losing to the Bengals at home . . .