4 Draws and 52 Wins Ago: The Premier League Season So Far

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4 Draws and 52 Wins Ago: The Premier League Season So Far

It's six rounds into the 2009-2010 Premier League season with 56 games played in total. We’ve seen some amazing football matches and some great runs of results. Chelsea has gone six for six and the top nine teams haven’t suffered through any type of draw, never mind the excruciating agony of a 0-0.

Some are saying this is the most exciting opening period in years, and I agree.

Looking at the lack of draws in the top half of the table got me thinking, how many draws have there been so far this season in total? The answer is four. Yup, four (4) draws from 56 games. That’s 7.14% of games ending in a draw, one in nine games. What an amazing statistic, I thought.

I remember watching the ticker on the BBC on a Saturday afternoon back in the early days of the Premier League and remember every second or third game finished as a stalemate.

So I thought I’d have a go at being Martin Tyler for the day and have a look at the stats to see if I was right or my memory was as reliable as Howard Webb.

I had a look first at the last few seasons and then compared them to the 1992-93 season, the first Premier League season following the old First Division. The results are below.

How many draws 56 games into the season: A comparison

Season Games Played Draws Percentage
2009-2010 56 4 7.14%
2008-2009 56 9 16.07%
2007-2008 56 16 28.57%
2006-2007 56 12 21.40%
2005-2006 56 16 28.57%
1992-1993 56 23 41.07%

It's official ladies and gentlemen, the Premier League draw is officially on the endangered species list.

This raises two questions for you football fans:

Why is this occurring?
Is the Premier League becoming so bipolar that the winners and losers are clearly defined? Or is attacking football making it more likely that there will be multiple goals and scorers?

Is it a good thing?
Some of the best games I’ve ever seen have ended in a draw. There are so many games that nobody deserves to lose.

Feel free to chime in with your opinions.

Source: http://www.englishfootball.info/premierleague/results

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