Bengals Win! Pack Offense Can Lambeau Leap Off a Bridge

Tony TuckerCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 20: Quarterback Aaron Rogers #12 of the Green Bay Packers is sacked by defensive end Antwan Odem #98 of the Cincinnati Bengals at Lambeau Field on September 20, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Bengals defeated the Packers 31-24. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

After coming off a dramatic fourth quarter win against the rival Bears, the Packers took a dump in the bed losing to the Bengals 31 - 24.

The offense struggled for the second straight week, which leads me to my first thought, someone needs to file a missing persons report for Ryan Grant and Greg Jennings.

Before I tear apart the Green Bay offense, I will give props to the Bengals for playing a pretty good game. The running game was dominant and conversions in the red zone were touchdowns not field goals. Way to go Bengals!  You stole one of your six wins on the season.

Not to stray away from the point, who shall I start with on this supposed high powered offense?  How about Ryan Grant?  For the second straight week he averaged less than four yards a carry and couldn't muster up 70 yards on the ground. I'm starting to believe that the only thing more over rated than Grant is the Coors Light color changing cans.

Let's see.  Who's next?  Greg Jennings seems like an easy target, except on the field. Aaron Rodgers had 38 attempts and he couldn't manage to get one grab on the day. Charles Woodson had two catches and Carson Palmer wasn't even trying to throw the ball to him. If it wasn't for a blown coverage in week one resulting in a 50 yard game winning score, Packers' fans might have thought that Jennings was no longer with the team, until he was called for the penalty on the very last play of the game.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't comment on the good old offensive line.  Thanks to you boys, Rodgers spent more time on his back than a high-class call girl. The five big ugly's up front alerted Bengals fans of a new defensive end on the team after hearing his name called five times for sacks on Rodgers. Congratulations boys, you guys got Odom elected to the Pro-Bowl. 

Finally, it's getting old listening to people talk about how good Rodgers plays, how tight his spirals are and how he doesn't turn the ball over. That's all well n' good but it's not equating to wins. Maybe he needs to take a couple more chances and possibly throw an interception or two.  It's ok.  Packer fans are familiar with that sort of thing. Remember the wrangler wearin' gun slinger that Rodgers replaced, he did it 250 plus times and that worked out pretty good for 16 years.

It's not any one persons fault for the slow start, but they need to figure it out. It's not ok to have this much talent and be average, just ask Charger fans.

Next week they play the Rams, who have scored an eye popping seven points on the season. The defense needs to contain Steven Jackson and the offense needs to put together successful drives on the ground and through the air.

Because if they don't work out the kinks next week, in week four an old friend comes to town and would love to show the Packers how it's done.

And if number 4 pulls that off, that would lead to my 'Hey, Ted Thompson, I Told You So' article.