Landry Jones Ensuring That Oklahoma's Long Line of Quality QBs Will Continue

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

NORMAN, OK - OCTOBER 18:  Quarterback Landry Jones #12 of the Oklahoma Sooners during play against the Kansas Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium on October 18, 2008 in Norman, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Josh Heupel came and rewrote almost all the passing records. His feat was small as Oklahoma had long been a power running team prior to his arrival.

Despite winning a national championship less than a decade ago, already he has coached the players that have all but banished him from the Oklahoma record books. His feat was small, but Heisman winners Jason White and Sam Bradford had a much tougher feat.

Now Landry Jones has done something that none of Bob Stoops' three great QBs have been able to do: throw six TDs in one game.

Jones may have to sit for the rest of the year, as Bradford should return before the Miami game on Oct. 3; however, in his two-and-a-half games filling in for the injured Bradford, he has shown that he possesses all the tools to be the next great QB at OU when Bradford leaves.

Landry Jones, a great unknown just three weeks ago, is now a source of pride for Sooners fans, who now know they have a high-quality backup to Bradford—a backup that has gotten quality minutes.

While he definitely makes more mistakes than Bradford—but who doesn't, really?—he has shown a strong arm that can make all the throws and possesses much of the calmness that has become a synonym with QBs under Stoops.

With more seasoning, Jones should be Stoops' fourth great QB and a possible Heisman contender. OU has had a crop of QBs under Stoops that could compare with almost any school in the nation the last 10 years.

Jones looks to continue that trend, and Sooners fans should be confident that the future of the Sooners is in good, strong, and accurate hands.


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