Willie Randolph, Stand Up for Yourself!

Andrew PhillipsCorrespondent IMay 28, 2008

Willie Randolph; the constant source of speculation recently in New York, had an in-house meeting with Mets brass who reiterated his job security. For now.


Throughout his career, Randolph has been a well-liked player and coach. A mainstay for 11 seasons with the Yankees as a bench coach and third base coach, Randolph interviewed here and there for various managerial positions, without ever getting his foot in the door. After becoming only the 8th person to manage the Mets and play for them, Willie Randolph earned his first major league win in 2005 over the Atlanta Braves. All seemed well for Randolph in New York...until late last season when the NY Metropolitans collapsed; handing the Philadelphia Phillies the NL East division.  After their meltdown Randolph's job became the subject of discussion and his days were suddenly numbered. The 6 time all-star, the Mets manager, and all around "nice guy" was assuming a familiar New York role: "Scapegoat".


Ironically, after David Wright stated that Randolph wasn't the one playing the game and losing the games, Randolph's job scrutiny just got even more intense. Was he putting his players up to this? Was the clubhouse in turmoil? Can he handle the various players he has on his team? Was Jerry Manuel, Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, or anyone else for that matter a better fit? Answer? Why bother?


If and seemingly when he loses his job, Randolph will leave New York with no pride, and finding further jobs around Major League baseball might prove difficult. Sound familiar? Look no further than recent New York history. Instead of letting New York have it's way with him, Joe Torre stood up for himself and quit. Quit the job which in essence made him, and cemented his name in Yankee lore. Willie Randolph needs to turn around and stand up for himself. He has two choices; quit now to save face, or ride it out and let what happens happen. If it is indeed all about respect, why should Willie respect the Mets when they keep him in the dark? Willie inadvertently shows his respect by letting himself be pushed around.


Respect? The Mets will suck the respect, not to mention the class right out of Willie Randolph if something is not done eminently.