Packers' Offense Has Problems Everywhere; But All Lead Back to McCarthy

Matt WellsCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 13: Head coach Mike McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers watches as his team takes on the Chicago Bears on September 13, 2009 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Bears 21-15. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Through the first two games, we've seen various problems with the Green Bay Packers offense. Dropped passes, sacks and knockdowns, struggling to run, you name it: the Packers are as explosive offensively as we figured would be a guarantee coming into the season.

While the problems are everywhere, they can all be traced back to a single problem: Mike McCarthy.

Last year, when the Packers lost seven of their 10 losses by four points or less, they were often up at halftime. And again and again, McCarthy was simply out-coached at halftime, as opposing teams would make key adjustments and pull out a victory.

Fast forward to this season. Jay Cutler threw three interceptions in the first half: only one in the second. The Packers had two picks and scored 21 points in the first half against the Bengals, they managed a field goal in the second.

But McCarthy's halftime adjustments haven't been the only problem; in fact the key problem is in the play-calling.

Where did the quick slant go that took the Pack to the NFC championship two years ago? Where is the screen game on first and second downs? Where are the quick outs and the TEs attacking the middle of the field?

Want to find a way to slow the pass rush? Throw the ball before the defense can get to Rodgers. Greg Jennings and Donald Driver (and James Jones and Jordy Nelson, for that matter) are receivers who can make plays with their feet. They can break/avoid the tackles of defensive backs, if they can get the ball.

Rodgers was sacked five times by Antwan Odom today. Adjustments? None.

Our offensive lineman have taken a lot of the heat for the poor play of the offense these first two weeks, but only on the passing game. The running game has not been terrible, but Grant lacks the numbers. Why? He doesn't get enough carries to rack up the yardage.

Grant's done a good job so far running downhill and falling forward, and he does have big-play ability. But with only 13 or so runs per game, he doesn't have the chance to flash it.

McCarthy needs to get away from his classic

  1. Incomplete pass down the field
  2. Run from a formation that features no threat of a pass
  3. Attempt long pass for first (or just throw a screen, depending on how far back we are after penalties)

McCarthy is too predictable in play-calling, and there's another previously mentioned problem: penalties. The Packers killed themselves with unnecessary and stupid penalties against the Bengals, and it showed. This lack of discipline falls again, on the Head Coach.

The season isn't doomed by any means. but this is a huge problem that needs to be remedied. we do have a decent head coach on staff in Dom Capers, but i don't think firing McCarthy mid-season is the answer. He just needs to adjust.