A Look at the California Redwoods' Roster: QB's

Joshua LobdellCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

Now that Training camps have started for all four UFL teams we can start to analyze their rosters. Today we start with the California Redwoods and their quarterbacks.


The Redwoods have a varied collection of guys from the AFL, CFL, and one who never quite made it in the NFL; of course, the Detroit Lions drafted him. Mike McMahon has the most experience out of this group that includes Liam O’Hagan, Shane Boyd, and Brett Dietz.


McMahon was drafted in the 2001 fifth round by the Detroit Lions, of course, by Matt Millen. He joins a collection of Millen draft picks playing in this new league. He was a four-year starter while attending Rutgers and put up enough passing yards to be third in Scarlet Knight history.


After being cut by the Lions in 2005 he bounced around the NFL with the Eagles and the Vikings before heading up to the CFL. He is a dangerous threat to run the ball and is the likely starter for the Redwoods.


Shane Boyd took a different route, coming out of Kentucky with 2,484 career assign yards and 845 rushing yards he signed a non drafted free-agent deal with the NFL and was assigned to NFL Europe. While there he set the NFLE record for most rushing yards by a QB. He last played with the Montreal Alouetts of the CFL.


Brett Dietz grew up in the Arena leagues where he was the rookie of the year in both the AFL and the AFL2. Before that he played in the NIFL, and in a professional football league in Europe. It seems, Diets is the likely backup for the Redwoods.


The Redwoods also have Liam O’Hagan on their roster. Liam attended Harvard but was suspended for four games due to undisclosed team rule violations in 2007. Little else seems to be known about him, and he comes to this new league as something of a question mark.


If we were to guess at a depth chart I would guess that O’Hagan ends up on the practice squad or cut, and McMahon is the starter with Dietz as his backup, and Boyd as the third stringer.