Win Now, Develop Later!

Ryan Larimore@@LarimoreonSprtsContributor ISeptember 20, 2009

DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 20:  Quarterback Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions scrambles with the ball against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field on September 20, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The Lions game against the Vikings was a tale of two halves, The first half was dominated by the Lions and their running game.....I'll give you time to read that last sentence again....The second was dominated by rookie Matthew Stafford looking like a rookie quarterback.

The decision to dub Stafford as the starting quarterback of the first franchise to loose all 16 games in a season was at first a population splitter. Half of Detroit's desperate fan base wanted to see Stafford sit for a few games, and watch Veteran Daunte Culpepper. The other half wanted to see the Lions 41.7 million dollar investment start right away.

Not sure which way to lean, i reserved judgement on the situation, but seeing the first two weeks of Stafford's career has made the choice for me.

For most teams, two games into the season would not be the time to switch things up, It would not be the time to panic. In Detroit however there is no time like the present, for a team who hasn't won a game in their last 19.

In no way are the Lions suppose to go anywhere this season, the logic behind starting Stafford makes sense but the logistics of it don't. The Lions put together a very solid performance against the Vikings in week 2, and were most likely a couple turnovers away from winning that game.  The Defense again capped Adrian Peterson to 92 yards, and the offense actually out rushed Adrian Peterson. If any other team did that, they would have won the game for sure, the unfortunate reality is that the Lions had the wrong quarterback on the field if they want a victory this year.

In no way are the Lions suppose to go anywhere this season, the logic behind starting Stafford makes sense but the logistics of it don't.

Detroit needs a win now!, every loss this season prior to their first win, will just be another notch on their growing loss belt. That is why the Lions need to insert Daunte Culpepper into the line up, at least until they get a win or two.

Daunte Culpepper has been very professional since getting word that he would  be in the back-up role.  He lost the weight he had packed on in his retirement, and looked like a game manager in the pre-season.  Perhaps that is because he knows the coaching staff will come a-calling. While you can't say for sure, you have to believe today Daunte would not have turned over the ball in the fashion that Stafford did.

By no means is this blog declaring Stafford a bust, and this is not a request to sit him for the remainder of the season, this is a request to put the Lions best players on the field in order to get the team a victory for this year. Stafford has a bright future, Culpepper has what it takes to win now.

Beyond just getting a win, the Lions have other worries that come with losing...The Lions cannot afford another top draft pick, even with the uncapped year coming up. Though it does appear a rookie cap is coming, it may be too little to late for the Lions.

Week 2's game was very close to not selling out, and not selling out is bad news for the Lions because fans will lose interest in the team, because of other sports going on, the Tigers are in a playoff race, and the Red Wings will be starting up soon. 

The Lions need to win, and they need to win now!! Their best shot is with Culpepper!