Can Aaron Rodgers Succeed Where Others Have Replacing a Legend?

John LewisSenior Writer IMay 28, 2008

As the Green Bay Packers announced that they will keep Brett Favre's old locker as a shrine for all to see, can new starter Aaron Rodgers succeed behind center under the huge microscope?

Talk about big shoes to fill. A-Rod must continue to build on last year and guide this young team into the playoffs.  But will he turn out like a few other QB's that eventually replaced legends?

Remember back in 1999 when Brian Griese, drafted in 1998 and played third string, replaced John Elway in Denver.  He looked like the heir apparent as he earned a pro bowl appearance in just his second season as a starter.

While he had a high completion percentage, we all know that a high completion percentage doesn't always mean wins—just look at Chad Pennington, he also had a high number of injuries and interceptions. He was eventually released.

What about Jay Fiedler who replaced Dan Marino as the signal caller in Miami.  While the Dolphins enjoyed success, two 11-win seasons and an AFC East Title, their defense had more to do with that than the offense as Fiedler only threw for 66 touchdowns and 63 interceptions. 

Not to mention that Fiedler was terrible in the postseason with one touchdown, seven interceptions, one win and two losses during his four years.

So will Rodgers be a better replacement?

Last season, in limited action, Rodgers looked impressive with a 109 QB rating and a 71% completion percentage.  Rodgers even replaced an injured Favre in November against the Dallas Cowboys and completed 18 passes for 201 yards with no interceptions.

While one game doesn't make a QB, he's had three seasons to learn and grow under the watchful eye of one of the greatest QB's in history.  Rodgers knows what kind of pressure he's under and has to stare at it everyday, literally because Favre's old locker is less than 10 feet away.

But as Rodgers had to look in front of him for three seasons with Favre in the lineup, he now has to look behind him with highly touted rookie Brian Brohm on the roster.  There's nothing wrong with a little motivation on the sideline. 

So will the transition from no. 4 to no. 12 be a smooth one?  Only time will tell.