Sooner Recievers 'Catching' On

Logan RogersCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

   Finally! After a poor performance against BYU and and a sub-par outing against maybe the worst team to show up on Owen field for years in Idaho State, the OU recievers are showing the nation that Oklahoma will not fade from the spotlight.

   Some of the player stats won't jump out at you, but they don't have to. Cameron Kenney only snagged two , but he sustained down field blocks that helped others shine, and shine they did. While Mossis Madu didn't get his name called much, he also threw some devastating blocks to help out in OU's run game. 

    While some Sooner fans are still mourning the loss of Josh Jarboe, there is someone here to comfort you, welcome in Mr. Brandon Caleb. While it took him a few games to get his 'swag', he has broke away from the pack. Grabbing 5 bombs for 104 yards and 2 touches tends to do that. He stated after the game that he " just wanted to play hard", mission accomplished Brandon.

    Just another day for Ryan Broyles, 11 catches for 128, 3 TD's. This young man is just an all-around football player. "I feel like we are as good as last year" says Broyles,"We have things clicking".

     It's just in time too. With a trip to AARGGH, Miami, looming ahead, OU needed a good showing by the recieving corp. Not just for the confidence it brings, also to keep the 'U' and coach Shannon on they're prospective heels. The plot has definitly thickened for the defensive coaching staff in Miami.

     The receivers can also take pride in contributing to a new school record six scores through the air for for newly heralded Landry Jones. Part of the credit has to go to the tough, hard nosed play of the offensive line, but the recievers must get a good portion of that credit too. The route running was superb, and the balls stopped ripping through their gloves. Boys, Oklahoma only needs one more thing, to do it again in Dolphin Stadium.