Dawn Marie: On the Verge of Making Wrestling History!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always I would like to thank all of you for spending some time with me today.

When we talk about someone making wrestling history, it is usually referred to a wrestler or promoter. This is not in any part of the discussion in this article.

Over the many years of pro wrestling we have seen a lot of guys come and go. Does anyone ever wonder what happened to them after they retire? If you ask around in the business, you will not be given a happy story.

Most grapplers after they retire must endure a lifetime of aches and pains. It is a sad but true fact in the world of wrestling. This is greatly attributed due to the lack of a health care system for the sport.

Legendary performers like the Iron Sheik and many others are unable to afford the needed care to get better. It has become growing problem in wrestling with no hope in sight.

That may all come to an end soon though, thanks to the help of former WWE diva Dawn Marie. She has spent the last few years fighting for the aid of our retired warriors.

In fact, she is on the verge of putting together for the first time ever, an affordable health care plan for past and present grapplers. It is a project that is near and dear to her heart.

 "These guys should be enjoying their later years, and here they are selling autographs to support themselves and their families," (Dawn Marie) Psaltis said Tuesday in a telephone interview. "It isn't right that this epidemic keeps going.

"You fall in love with the business and spend your life focused on it. If you're one of the lucky ones who make it, you ride it as long as you can.

"When your time is out, the next person comes in and you fade out. Nobody knows what happened to you. Then you realize the damage you did to your body that doesn't show up until years later...I saw this all happening and it bothered me."

This all started when she formed "Wrestlers Rescue" last September. It’s a foundation that started of as a charity drive for retired grapplers. They would often raise the funds through charity auction.

Wrestlers from the WWE, TNA, and former grapplers have all donated memorabilia to the cause. The auctions have gone so well that they are near the goals they set out for.

With this new insurance plan, they will not only be able to cover themselves, they will also be able to cover their families. It’s a plan that has been needed in wrestling a long time.

Dawn Marie could have this done with in the next few months. She is just ironing out the wrinkles right now. This can change the lives of the past, present, and future wrestlers.

“We will have family packages. We will have prescription and major medical. We will have different levels of packages depending on what you can afford, or we can do different types of co-pays like any insurance.

"We will have a disability package. In the real word, if you are disabled, you get disability. They way we’re getting our package put together, disability by definition means unable to work for a period of time.

"Because most people when they break their leg, they can still go to work and sit behind a desk. When we break our leg, we can’t go to work. So there will be compensation and a disability packet.

"With the health care, there’s no high-risk category; it’s normal category. The thing I think people don’t understand, is that when you work with a major [wrestling] company, we don’t have health insurance.

"We don’t even have anything to purchase into with our own money. And if we do, we’re considered high risk and we can’t even afford it. Not only can we not afford it for ourselves, we can’t afford it for our families.”

As it stands now, her new health insurance plan will cover anyone who has, or had a WWF/WWE, TNA, WCW, and ECW contract. She is also working on getting some kind of plan together for Indy workers.

This could possibly be one of the greatest contributions to the world of professional wrestling. While she may have not earned herself a spot in the HOF for her wrestling, she has certainly gone above and beyond to make it better.

I wish her nothing but the best of luck.

As always, have a safe day and God bless.

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