B/R Wrestling Section Competition: The Results

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 16, 2016

First off, I'd like to thank all of you who contributed to the competition. Like I mentioned in the last article, this was one of the best writing competitions I have seen or been a part of in some time.

Everyone can agree that all of the articles were written well, and made great arguments for their wrestlers.


That's right, one winner; one person who got everyone, or most of us, to go to their side. Many articles got votes, some more than others, but one article seemed to get every other voter to vote for them.

That person is Andrea Claire.

Claire wrote her article on The Rated R Superstar Edge. It was considered the best article of all, and while some of you will think that Miss Claire bribed a few people, and you'd be right, she did have a wonderful article and deserved to win.

The impact competition was centered around this:

It didn't matter how popular a wrestler was or still is, it is not who they knew, what company they were in, how technically sound they were, or how many titles they won.

It is about who changed the face of wrestling into what it is now, or helped transform it for the better.

While we all have our personal choice on who did that, we can safely say Edge had a big role in the world of pro wrestling.

He has more tag title reigns than anyone in WWE history, he was a part of the first-ever tag team ladder match, he is a nine-time World Champion, and he has a gimmick that had never been seen before.

It was (while WWE was PG-13) the closest thing to the attitude era we could get. We have never seen another like him before, and probably never will again.

Some think that if he retired today, he would be considered one of the best of all time and he is a sure WWE Hall of Famer.

I'd have to agree. He has done so much for the WWE, and if the WWE made a highlight package of its business over the past 20 years, Edge would be in most of the clips. Why?

Because he has been a part of some of the biggest matches in WWE's history.

I am sure you all remember when he speared Jeff Hardy in the first TLC match in the WWE.

We remember him being the first person ever to cash in Money in the Bank, and we recall he and Christian gracing us (with the benefit of flash photography) with a five-second pose.

Andrea picked a great wrestler for the competition. Congrats, Miss Claire.

Your reward is a full glass of water. Take a glass and go to your nearest faucet to redeem your prize.