Kampmann Loses, UFC Welterweight Division in Chaos

Nate Lawson@NateLawsonCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

When a fighter enters the cage with the nickname of "Semtex," that usually means playing the stand up game with him is not in your best interest.

Someone forgot to tell that to Martin Kampmann.

Kampmann met Paul Daley last evening in a welterweight match up. Daley entered the fight with heavy hands, but no ground game whatsoever. Kampmann entered with solid muy-thai and a great skill set on the ground.

However, the fighters never hit the ground, and Daley was able to knockout "The Hitman" early in the first round.

Kampmann was one of the top contenders in the welterweight division and was scheduled to fight Mike "Quick" Swick for the position of number one contender of the UFC welterweight division.

Now, Kampmann has fallen out of title contention in a division that needed him to step up, as the 170 pound weight class of the UFC continues to fall into chaos thanks to three top contenders who refuse to fight one another.

Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick, and Jon Fitch all have two things in common. They all are close to the top of the division, and they all train at the same camp, American Kickboxing Academy.

The camp affiliation and friendship these men share is causing quite the mess for the welterweight division, and quite the headache for Dana White and Joe Silva.

The three top welterweights have no desire to fight one another, yet they each find themselves in positions where bouts opposite one another make sense.

Koscheck defeated Frank Trigg very convincingly last evening. Jon Fitch defeated Paulo Thiago at UFC 100 in a dominant decision victory. Mike Swick has run through all competition at 170 pounds. These three have all put themselves in a position very close to a title shot.

The problem is deciding who the top contender is between three welterweights who will not fight one another.

Koscheck’s victory over Trigg was convincing, yet his first match up with Georges St. Pierre was nothing to be proud of. Fitch was also dominated by Georges St. Pierre.

That leaves Mike “Quick” Swick.

He has never fought St. Pierre, but Swick has plowed through everyone in the welterweight division. With his exciting fighting style and quick finishes, he could pose a threat to St. Pierre. The fact that he has never fought the champion also makes the scenario more interesting.

If Swick can get back into the octagon fairly shortly and pick up a victory over someone like Matt Hughes, denying him the title shot would be a tragedy, especially given the situation. With St. Pierre recovering from an abductor injury, the timing may just work out perfectly.

However, if Swick is to lose his next fight, the division will fall into further chaos and a fight between two of the three AKA teammates may become inevitable.

After Martin Kampmann's upset loss to Paul "Semtex" Daley, the welterweight division has fallen into further chaos. If Swick is unable to win his next fight, a legitimate opponent for Georges St. Pierre is going to be hard to find.

While a bout between Swick and Fitch would help clear up the divisional chaos, the fighters continue to refuse to fight one another, which is undoubtedly irritating Dana White.

The boss may not be willing to put up with this aspect of mixed martial arts much longer, as camp affiliation is greatly hindering the UFC welterweight division's effort to find a clear number one contender.