Mayweather: It's OK to Just Say It

Captain FantabulousCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

Kind of predictable it. Boxing fans are evolutinarily programmed to talk trash about rival fighters wins, no matter how classy the win.

He won, but it doesn't count because.........You know. I don't actually have a problem with it. Having read the net this morning, it seems to be an American national pass time.

I think everyone actually knows that Mayweather is a pretty special fighter. With technical abilities that most fighters in the history of the sport would struggle to deal with. Let alone Marquez and Pacquiao.

As my dad once told me, "fighters have to be beat to be loved".

And he's totally right.

Fighters who cruise through their careers, without breaking sweat, are often mistrusted.

They can't be that good. There must be a catch. They only win because (insert one of they fight old people/they fight small people/they duck people).

Let's be honest. Mayweather was equisite last night. He was punch perfect, and made the pfp number 2 fighter on the planet look like a club fighter.

And I'm sorry, but a 4-5 pound in ring weight difference, isn't any sort of excuse.

Weight is a big issue for me. Just on the basis that people constantly talk rubbish on the subject. It's the easiest excuse. People can't even be bothered to think about.

I have many major issues regarding the various comments on the weight. It's just not much of an excuse.

Firstly, just in regards to the fight, Marquez lost as he landed 12% of his punches. Mayweather won as he landed closer to 60%.

It wasn't a fight won or lost on power and weight. It was won and lost on a fighters ability to go 12 rounds, with his opponent only landing about 3 power shots.

Speed kills. Any with a brain realised that a guy with average speed was going to struggle to live with the fastest fighter of his generation.

But, that's not enough for me. As the entire weight thing is the classic boxing myth. It always is with Mayweather.

I don't understand how he managed to get this reputation as a big, strong, heavy fighter. It's just completely false. And more than likely the result of pretty, lazy, agenda driven journalism.

Just read this.

Mayweather's entire career at 147 and above, including his 154 fight. His average in ring weight is 147.2 pounds. 0.2 pounds over the weight limit. And that's including him bulking up to face De la Hoya.

You know, just as an example, Pacquiao's first fight at the weight, he was 148. Pacquiao's last fight at super-feather, he was 146 pounds in ring. 1.2 pounds than Mayweather's average at Welteweight - 3 divisions above.

Mayweather's heaviest ever in ring weight is 150 pounds, against De la Hoya, at junior-middle. That's only 4 pounds heavier than Pacquiao at Super-Feather.

In truth, Mayweather's nothing close to being a Welter. He's doesn't even fight as a Junior Welter. When he faced Hatton, he was 9 pounds lighter than him, in ring.

Like a Zab Judah, or a Marquez, or a Pacquiao, he's just a little guy, who uses his skills to fight anywhere he wants.

The problem being, he's so skilled, that he doesn't struggle like he should. So people cry fix.

In regards to the Marquez bout. Again, just look at some cold figures.

Mayweather's average at 147 and above, career is 147.2, in ring. His heaviest ever in ring weight is 150.

Marquez weighed in at 142, and his in ring weight was 148 pounds. Even if you're trying to claim that Mayweather was in ring, at his bulked up junior middle in ring weight (he wasn't), that's only a 2 pound in ring difference.

Now for Marquez. As I said, weighed in at 142, fought at 148. Against Diaz he weighed in at 134, and fought at 143. So he put on 5 pounds for the fight.

5 pounds is a big amount to put on, don't get me wrong, but the only reason the fight worked, is that Mayweather's such a light Welter.

It's an excuse, but not that great an excuse.

Finally, a lot of the rhetoric seems to be from Pacquiao fans. Understandable, as the fighters careers will most likely be defined by eachother.

Just a few more figures to hopefully shut a few people up on this subject.

Pacquiao versus Marquez, in their second fight. Pacquiao weighed in at 130 (after really struggling to make weight) and fought at a whopping 146 pounds. That's only 4 pounds less than Mayweather fought De la Hoya at.

Marquez was 139 in ring. So, Pacquiao was seven pounds heavier than Marquez in ring.

In reality, taking into account that Mayweather's 154 in ring weight was 150, and his average in his entire career is 147.2, I'd assume that he was probably between 147-150 in ring.

In reality, he was probably bang on 147. So he was probably only a pound heavier than Pacquiao, when Manny beat Marquez. And may have eve 


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