No Respect: Romo and the Cowboys Are 4-0 Yet Ignored by National Media

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No Respect: Romo and the Cowboys Are 4-0 Yet Ignored by National Media

IconThe Cowboys are 4-0, and Tony Romo has been putting up incredible numbers each game. But nobody in the national media, wants to give the Cowboys or Romo their due.

Think about this: The Cowboys and Patriots share the same record, and Tom Brady and Tony Romo are the top two passers in the league.

But who gets headlines on ESPN?

That's easy—the Patriots and Brady.

But if you look at their combined opponents' records, the Patriots have beaten teams that are a collective 4-12. On the other hand, the Cowboys' combined opponents' record is 3-13.

What does that tell you?

Nothing really, in my opinion.

If on paper the stats are almost identical, then you should treat the two teams the same. The Cowboys and Patriots are the two best teams in the NFL. So why not treat them equally? Especially since the Patriots have been tarnished by the video scandal.

Now I know people want to say respect is earned. Well, the 'Boys beat the defending NFC champs, before they fell off and got worse. Yet all everybody wants to talk about is the Patriots.

Why? They are nothing but a sack of worthless cheaters. But they still get coddled like a little toddler suckin' on his mama's titty.

I say drop the the cheaters like a bad habit, and expose them for what they are doing. They are still cheating, and the NFL is helping them do it.

Just becuase Mr. Kraft has the commissioner in his hip pocket, people want to say that the Patriots could go 16-0.

Well if they do, I say you need to look at their season with a fine tooth comb. They should have had to forefit the Jets game, becuase they got caught red handed. And Belichick should have been suspended indefinitely.

But that's just my opinon.

Back to my main point, the Cowboys have won their games the way NFL teams are supposed to—by just straight up beating the guys across from them.

If the national media can't respect that, then ESPN is nothing but a joke, and a blatant homer for wanting to tout the Patriots all the time.

There is more of a feel good story coming out of Valley Ranch, than anywhere else in the country.

You have a head coach, who has been unsuccsesfull at his other jobs, coming in and turning his career and the team around.

You have a first time offensive coordinator who is just doing amazing things.

You have an undrafted, free agent quaterback in Tony Romo, who was back-up here for three years before he finally got the chance last season.

And last but not least, you have the outspoken, trouble-making reciever, who has finally become a team player, and key playmaker from the start of the season.

T.O. is probably on pace to have his best season ever. How could you not want to showcase this talent and team?

The NFL has been begging for positive publicity, but becuase there is so much of an anti-Cowboy feeling across the country, the NFL won't stand up and showcase this team and put a positive spin on their season.

The Cowboys can beat the cheaters.

And when they do, I hope Roger Goodell will see what a group of guys can do when they trust each other and want to win for one another and are being led by an old school coach who has somthing to prove—in other words, when all the ingredients mix well.

The Cowboys have a chance to make a run to the Super Bowl, and when they do, they will do it under the radar. 

And I'll be the first to say: "I told you so." 

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