The Red View: United "Shock" City

Prthvir SolankiCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  Michael Owen of Manchester United celebrates scoring the winning goal in injury time with team mate Wayne Rooney during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford on September 20, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

I had been ranting on this whole week about how City are going out to get DESTROYED at Old Trafford. I dreamt of a 10-0 win with Mark Hughes crying on the pitch in front of Carlos Tevez, who was crying because his resignation form was rejected.

But how much ever I hate those nutters, they played one hell of a game tonight.

I sat comfortably (as usual) when Rooney cut passed a couple of defenders to score the first goal in the second minute. I knew this was going to be my day!

From there until about the 15th minute, City reeked. They couldn't pass, they couldn't keep the ball, they could'nt tackle. This was going to be too easy.

But then something happened. Something I never expected. Tevez doing the same thing he did for United for two years FOR City. Running like a barking mad dog at the defenders. And boy did it pay off.

Tevez did say before the match that Foster was going to be a weak link. I thought, "seriously? If he was, I really don't know what he is doing starting ALL the games for United this season so far!" But the bloody Argentine was right!

One of the first things you're taught while practising goalkeeping is clearing the ball. When Foster had that opportunity, it looked as though he might've missed that class. He tried to take the ball away, but a vigilant Tevez pre-meditated that and snatched the ball away to smartly pass it to Gareth Barry, who coolly slotted it into the empty net.

Ok. Game on.

Not quite.

City took the game away from then on, and United seemed to be playing against themselves! The defending was pathetic while City were (*choke) superb. They cut out the through balls very well and United are well known to feast on those passes.

Halftime came and it couldn't have been sooner for the Reds. Tevez just missing a simple chance by hitting the post after a lovely touch on by Stephen Ireland.

Forty-five minutes. Manchester United one. Manchester City one.

Out came the team at opposite ends, and United began superbly. Excellent movement off the ball as well as on it. This was more like it. Soon Fletcher headed home a superb cross from Ryan Giggs (a.k.a God). 2-1!!!

The noise in the stadium suddenly grew louder and the jeers for Tevez grew more harsh. Bellamy did'nt like it. So, he smacked the ball into the top corner after a good pass by Tevez to bring City back on level terms.

Now, unlike the first half, it was up and down this time but it was Ryan Giggs who was doing major part of the work. He was passing brilliantly and crossing magnificently and if he was'nt on the pitch, City could've won this game long before.

His crosses were usually met by Dimitar Berbatov who was having a dreadful game. He could'nt run past the defenders and I was surprised to see him play even after 60 minutes.

But Ryan gave him some hope by shooting balls into the middle. Berba headed thrice. Twice spectacularly saved by Shay Given and once put wide.

Soon, United got another one of their numerous freekicks and Giggs (again) put a high ball into the box. Fletcher (again!) headed it straight into the net. 3-2 it was!!

90 minutes gone, surely it was over. But Rio had other ideas. United were keeping the ball well until Ferdinand tried to do something fancy by chipping the ball over Bellamy. Only that's not what happened. He chipped it straight to Bellamy who out stripped Rio and took a late shot but nonetheless, 3-3. 

Now it had to be over. Surely nothing more. But that's what derby games are about!! It's never over!!

Giggs (again!! I mean he's 36!!) brilliantly stroked the ball between the defenders to find Owen, who had come on for Berba, who took the shot after a couple of touches. Then came ecstasy!!

One of the most entertaining derby games ever. But surely, the best game of the season so far. The match ended the way it did, I believe, due to two players who tirelessly played all around. Ryan Giggs and Anderson. And to some extent, Patrice Evra.

The three lefties worked the ball everywhere and Giggs and Evra were making runs into the box as if it were their's. Anderson passed the ball around as if on a carom board and occasionally ran at defenders and that too successfully.

I usually go on and on about the way United played and really undermine the opposite team. But today, City really proved what they can do. I don't like them, I don't like their attitude, their arrogance, their sometimes-over-confident manager and Adebayor, but there is something about them that might just help them break into the top four.

So today, I just sigh with relief and say, "Glory Glory, Man United"