When Does Pacman Jones' Clean Slate Start?

Jason FouchaAnalyst IMay 28, 2008

There is a new conduct policy that will be taking effect in the NFL. Teams will now be allowed to fine their players for misconduct off the field.

I'm really okay with that to be honest. I think players should take more responsibility with what they do outside of work. Shootings, drugs, party boats—things really are getting out of hand.

According to the new policy, however, players will start with a clean slate when the new policy comes into effect.

So what about Pacman Jones?

The man has been suspended for over a season, and still is unsure about his future.

So the question is...will his slate be wiped clean? Will he be forgiven?

Personally, I think he should be.

I know I am going to receive a lot of heat for this, but if he wasn't convicted of the crime, then he is free to do as he pleases. Why should there be a double standard?

The Vikings had drugs and hookers on a party boat, and no one was was sent to Jail.

Half of the Bengals team has either been to Jail or arrested at this point, I hear they are thinking about just holding training camp in the prison yard, that way no one will miss curfew.

Ray Lewis was convicted for KILLING A MAN! He is still playing football.

Jamal Lewis spent 4 months in jail for a drug deal, but still played the next season.

Pacman Jones never went to jail and had to miss a whole season. At least.

He has done a lot of community work to try and help his cause. He also donated a lot of his wrestling money to charity. Jones is at least trying to make himself a better person.

When and if he comes back and he's in shape, I think he will add a spark to a team that could give them a push to the Super Bowl. He is after all a great kick returner, and a solid corner.

Vick was convicted, and is serving his sentence. He will be free to come back to the NFL when he is done. So why shouldn't a guy who wasn't proven guilty be given a clean slate as well?