Out of Bounds: Crabtree Called Out, NFL Week 2 Picks

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Out of Bounds: Crabtree Called Out, NFL Week 2 Picks
So Week 01 is in the books and we saw everything we expected to see after the first week. Well, except my Niners getting the win against the defending NFC Champs, the Arizona Cardinals.

Speaking of the Niners, there seems to be a problem with a certain draft pick not signing with his respective team. Former Texas Tech wide receiver, Michael Crabtree and his agent, Eugene Parker, feel that Crabtree’s proposed contract with the San Francisco 49ers is not up to Crabtree’s potential and standards.

Look, I understand that players have to look out for their well being and safety. They want to be able to be financially secured for the present and the future. I understand that sports agents have to make the best deal possible so that their players are happy and that they receive their 15-20% cut. I understand that team officials make the best deal possible so that they have enough money to keep their teams afloat and make their fans happy. So everyone needs everyone so that everyone is happy. But what do you do when everyone isn’t on the same page and negotiations fall apart? Well someone has to step up and be the bigger person. In my opinion it’s the player because it’s a privilege to play in any pro sport, not a right.

Whenever I read about a player holding out, I think back to something St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson told me when I met him once at the first NFL event I ever covered. It was two years ago at a NFL Pre-Draft Party that ESPN hosted and I was working the red carpet. When I asked him if he had any advice for that year’s draft class, he said this:

Don’t worry about the money, worry about getting that starting role on the team. Once you get that role, the money comes to you. Focus on the game and it will pay off in the end.

Mr. Crabtree, Mr. Parker, I think you need to take heed to words Steven Jackson manifest. You’re not in college any more. You’re, if I can borrow a line from WCW, where the big boys play; the NFL. Just make the team, man. Get that starting role and let your play on the field speak for you. If you’re as good as you say you are, when your contract is up, you’ll see those dividends you’re looking for when it’s time for you to re-sign. Right now, you’re a rookie. Pay your dues, quit playing games with management, and play the game on the field.

Now I’m not just saying this because I’m a Niners fan. I’m saying this as a football fan who’s tired of seeing unproven rookies get these large contracts and haven’t done anything on the field. As I mentioned before, focus on the game and the money comes to you. That goes for any rookie in any sport. You can best believe that when the NFL’s CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) negations start, there will be a lot of talk about a “Rookie Salary Scale” similar to one the NBA has.

So to end this thought of mind, when in doubt Mr. Crabtree, remember 1Corinthians 13:11:

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Isn’t it about time you manned up Mr. Crabtree? Think about it.

Since I had so much to say about the Crabtree situation, I won’t get deep into the games this week. I’ll let you give your opinions about the games here on the site. So without further ado, let’s look at the picks for Week 2 in the NFL.

Sunday, 9/20/09, 1pm
Out of Bounds Game of the Week
New England Patriots (1-0) vs. New York Jets (1-0)
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
My Pick: Jets

New Orleans Saints (1-0) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)
Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA
My Pick: Saints

St. Louis Rams (0-1) vs. Washington Redskins (0-1)
FedEx Field, Landover, MD
My Pick: Redskins

Arizona Cardinals (0-1) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)
Jacksonville Stadium, Jacksonville, FL
My Pick: Jaguars

Carolina Panthers (0-1) vs. Atlanta Falcons (1-0)
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
My Pick: Falcons

Minnesota Vikings (1-0) vs. Detroit Lions (0-1)
Ford Field, Detroit, MI
My Pick: Vikings

Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) vs. Green Bay Packers (1-0)
Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI
My Pick: Packers

Houston Texans (0-1) vs. Tennessee Titans (0-1)
LP Field, Nashville, TN
My Pick: Titans

Oakland Raiders (0-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs(0-1)
Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO
My Pick: Raiders

Sunday, 9/20/09, 4pm
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) vs. Buffalo Bills (0-1)
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, NY
My Pick: Bills

Seattle Seahawks (1-0) vs. San Francisco 49ers (1-0)
Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA
My Pick: 49ers

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) vs. San Diego Chargers (1-0)
Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA
My Pick: Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-1)
Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
My Pick: Steelers

Cleveland Browns (0-1) vs. Denver Broncos (1-0)
Invesco Field, Denver, CO
My Pick: Broncos

Sunday Night Football, 9/20/09, 8:20pm
New York Giants (1-0) vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-0)
Cowboys Stadium, Irving, TX
My Pick: Giants

Monday Night Football, 9/21/09, 8:30pm
Indianapolis Colts (1-0) vs. Miami Dolphins (0-1)
Land Shark Stadium, Miami, FL
My Pick: Colts

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