What to Expect From The UFL?

Joshua LobdellCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

For those who think the UFL is going to be some super new league that can compete with the NFL, I think you got some bad news coming.


This is not a league built to challenge the NFL in the way the USFL did, or is it a league that will try to boast about being better then the NFL the way the XFL did.


It seems the lessons of those two leagues has been learned, and this league is going to be something we have not seen before.


Based on conversations I have had with the folks running the UFL, and the folks who though this league up in the first place, it seems to me that the UFL is going to be a league for either players cut from the NFL or players who go undrafted by the NFL in the first place.


I think it is likely that we will see players both going up and down from the UFL to the NFL. Since they will play their games in the fall, if some player really lights up the UFL, I could see that player landing on a NFL roster.


I could also see a circumstance where a NFL player gets hurt, or like QB Jake Delhomme completely melts down and leaves a team desperate for a QB.


If you were a NFL GM would you want a player who has been sitting around, or a player who has been playing?


What if the Donovan McNabb injury had happened in late October or November? What if JP Losman had been tearing up the UFL until that point? Would the Philadelphia Eagles not take a look at him?


The truth here is this; there are enough football fans to make another football league viable. The Arena League did a pretty decent job of catering to these football fans who either want more football, or who are not NFL fans to begin with.


While this is not going to be a league that can compete with the NFL or one that is destined to merge with the NFL as some point, it is going to be something. It seems to me that that something will have at least some fans.


Of course history will be our guide in this, and start up football leagues do not have the best odds at success.