Open Apology To Joe Cox

mitch rogersContributor ISeptember 20, 2009

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Quarterback Joe Cox #14 and Tavarres King #12 celebrate a touchdown against the Georgia Bulldogs of the South Carolina Gamecocks at Sanford Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


Joe, wow... way to shut up the critics, and, yes, I was one of them. So, uh, my bad? Although, to be honest, one game does not make a champ or a chump so the remainder of the season will be the true test, let's just say I'm shutting up and rooting for you, for now. Please don't make me admit I was wrong twice in one season.

Random thoughts

- More flags in this game than at a Fourth of July parade.

-Bobby Petrino is a quitter, walked away from an NFL team mid-season when the going got tough. He will forever be a coach with a lack of character in my book.

-To be honest, several of the long passes by Arkansas were just put in places that only a great catch could reel in.

Mike Bobo - Is it a coincidence his name is one letter away from one of the biggest clowns of all time? I will gladly concede that Bobo has more football knowledge than I do, but I like to think common sense has a part to play in an Offensive coach's abilities. I have complained about Bobo for a few years now. He looks like a genius one minute and a total loss the next. 1st and 10 and you run a QB keeper? Joe Cox should only run on a broken play or if someone releases a rabid tiger on the field, ESPECIALLY now that King is back. Cox ran 4 times for -9 yards. Of course, I reserve the right to call him a genius next week. Samuel fumbles, on a late drive and Bozo, uh, excuse me, Bobo, goes right back to him, putting us in a 3 and 11. Hmmmm think we'll pass? Think Arkansas knew that too? I wonder.

Defense -Run - excellent, no complaints. Hogs had 76 yards.

Defence - Secondary- horrible, just horrible. As good as Boykin is on Special teams, he's that bad on pass defense. Are we that thin that we don't have a young corner to start? Most of the successful passes from Mallet in the first half were long, wayyyyyy long. Mallet had WAAYYYY too much time to let his receivers get downfield. I know you don't bring the heat every down but we don't bring it enough in situations that we SHOULD expect a pass play.

Penalties- Horrible, and painful. I wanted to punch my television, but the refs would have found a way to  throw a flag if I did.

Offense -  looked good if we could just STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER. Seriously, we have given up over 50 points directly after turnovers in the first 3 games. We make more turnovers than a bakery... Bada boom. How do you stop turnovers? I think a little negative re-enforcement, maybe for every turnover you have in a game the offending player has to watch a Tyler Perry "Medea" movie? Without turnovers we would have been up about 27 -7 at the half? Passing game was exceptional, Cox really placed the ball well tonight and had some beautiful down field shots, he ended up with 378 yards on 18 of 26 attempts and an impressive avg 14 yards per completion. King ran tonight like a man trying to earn more plays. If not for Samuel's 80 yard run, King would've had more rushing yards on fewer attempts. Nice to have options in the backfield. I'm liking this Orson Charles kid, think he has a bright future as a Bulldog. A.J ...was just A.J., making some beautiful grabs and looking like the talent we all know he is.

Special teams- Very good with a couple of exceptions, Butler's late punt that pinned the Hogs on the 8 was crucial. Walsh's 2 kickoffs that sailed out of bounds were bad mental mistakes as well, but he was reliable on FG's going 3 for 3. The fumble by Miller was bad although it was partially Boykins fault for bumping him.

All in all a good offensive effort but can we stop people from scoring? These are unranked teams the last 2 weeks that have put up a combined 78 points on us. We have to stop the turnovers, they're costing us big time. If Arkansas can put up 41 on us, what's gonna happen when we face the gators? Although Tennessee gave them a good game today so I am a bit more hopeful.

Thanks for reading and remember... Even though it's opinion, I'm still right.