No More SOX & Dawgs? Top Red Sox Website Shut Down (for Now)

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

So this is what happens when I go out and cover high school football.

I come home, punch in all of my stats, write my game recap, and just before I get ready to get some shut eye, I check my Twitter page and find this...
Ian Bethune, founder and blogger of SOX & Dawgs, shutdown his website today. I'm not sure at exactly what time, but I do know that his announcement on Twitter was around 11 p.m. Friday night.
He's left his readers with a 12-paragraph explanation of why he's decided to do this.

"I've always been someone who has given 110% on no matter what I do in life. So when I realized I could no longer offer that, I decided this was the best step to take right now. I'd rather not do anything at all then give you something half ass when you expect more of me."

Believe me this decision didn't come easily. I've gone back in forth in my head all day.But in the end, I knew when I wrote down that I couldn't give the 110% on everything that it was time to think about things. It's eating me up inside right now. But I'm strong and will figure this out."

SOX & Dawgs draws almost 2,000 hits a day and is ranked No. 2 on behind Surviving Grady. That's just insane.
I just talked to Ian via Twitter Friday morning thanking him for fixing my Peter Abraham story that I also posted on his site. The links didn't copy over and Ian decided to re-do them for me.
I just wanted to express my sadness throughout the Red Sox blogging community and publicly thank Ian for linking my website countless times, letting me be a guest blogger, and also helping me design a new page header on my site and some basic HTML.
No one is sure at this time if this is permanent or temporary, but I wish him the best and hope he'll be back soon.
Fenway West also posted on its site about the shocking news.
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