Leodis McKelvin Needs Our Support

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst ISeptember 19, 2009


Jason Whitlock is at it again. He now claims that Bills fans should boo McKelvin tomorrow for his fumble that cost the Bills the game last Monday Night against the Patriots. I think Whitlock needs to relax. This will not accomplish anything. McKelvin knows that the loss is pretty much on him and booing a young player, who is key to the teams success is not worth it.

I for one, was at the game, and cheered when he brought it out. It was an aggressive move and he was going for the win. Hindsight is twenty twenty so it's easy to say now he was at fault for bringing the ball out.

In the meantime, Bills fans should not pay attention to Whitlock, and rather pay attention to cheering McKelvin on and making sure he continues to play the way he knows how, which is what made him a first round draft pick.

Here are Whitlock's comments:

I hope Bills fans cowboy-up and boo Leodis McKelvin on Sunday.

McKelvin was the victim of vandalism this week when a couple of teenagers spray painted obscenities on his front lawn after he cost Buffalo its season opener with a late fumble against the Patriots.

I don't agree with the actions of the teenagers. But I also don't have so much sympathy for McKelvin that I'd avoid booing him this Sunday.

Bringing that kick out of the end zone and failing to get to the ground after first contact were hot dog moves that sabotaged a great effort by his teammates. The Bills had their hands team on the field in anticipation of an onside kick. McKelvin should've been looking for a reason to down the ball in the end zone.

Instead he wanted to be a hot dog hero. After the game, he said he'd do the same thing again. He's selfish and stupid. Boo him.