Don't Get It Twisted -Marquez Is a Dangerous Underdog

Victor Omo - AgegeContributor ISeptember 19, 2009

3 Dec 1994:  Juan Marquez celebrates after a bout against Israel Gonzales in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mandatory Credit: Holly Stein  /Allsport

Floyd Mayweather is heavily favored in the Pretty boy Mayweather-Marquez fight.I like Mayweather in this fight, but please don get it twisted Juan Manuel Marquez is a tough customer.Any man with the fortitude to drink his own urine is a guy I hesitate to count out .

 I have never seen Juan Manuel in a bad fight .He is  a resilient fighter with a durable set of whiskers .This fight however is different from his former fights .He is moving up in weight to the 144-146 weight limit. For the first time he is clearly going to be the smaller man in the ring .

 Juan Manuel Marquez supporters argue he won both fights against the Pound for Pound King Manny Paquaio.I have Marquez having a case for a draw or razor thin win in their first fight and Manny the clear winner in the rematch. However,tonight he is not facing Manny Paquaio but arguably the best fighter of our generation in Floyd Mayweather Jr .

These are the facts,Marquez shall come in superb condition,he shall come to fight and will be carrying the aspirations of an entire boxing loving Mexican nation on his back.Marquez has the ability to take punches.He  has shown he can get up from the canvas and make adjustments as in the Manny Paquaio /Juan Diaz Fights.Juan Manuel Marquez has also shown he can rise up to the occasion as in his beat down of Marco Antonio Barrera. 

When the fight was first announced,I was convinced that Mayweather was in for a shocker.Upon review of recent Marquez fight tapes,I see loopholes in Marquez's arsenal.He has a good jab but he takes too many shots. His defense has to improve tonight or he is just going to be a punching bag for Pretty boy Floyd .

Reports  from Vegas also indicate Floyd Mayweather had problems making weight Failure to make weight are not good signs for a fighter coming off a long lay off.

The last time Mayweather fought a do or die fighter with the identical grit like Marquez, Mayweather detroyed Diego Corrales.

My head tells me Mayweather will win tonight .The speculative market place decision is to have Mayweather win to ensure a  future mega pay day fight with Manny Paquaio. However,I wont be shocked or surprised if Marquez pulls out the upset.Don't get it twisted, Marquez ain't no joke.