UFC 103 Live Color Commentary Blog

Brian Oswald@@briancoswaldMMA Editor September 19, 2009

Bleacher Report is live from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX. This is the first trip to Dallas, TX for the UFC and the crowd has filled in nicely for the first fight of the night, which is now underway. Check back to get updates on the fights as well as any non-related fight tid bits.

5:38 pm: A fan in the audience just yelled out "Tito you are my hero" and the crowd erupted. Tito stood up and threw his hands in the air to further pump the crowd up.

5:44 pm: The crowd delivered thunderous applause as the first fight of the night came to an end. It was a great stand up scrap between lightweight fighters Rafael dos Anjos and Rob Emerson. Dos Santos took a 30-27 decision on all three judges scorecards.

5:48 pm: Igor Pokrajac is now entering the cage, making his UFC debut. He chose "Back in Black" by ACDC for his walk out song and the crowd seems to approve.

6:00 pm: The crowd here the American Airlines Center is a vocal one...some of the commentary cant be published in good taste. One fan instructed the fighters to "sweep the leg" an obvious reference to what must be many MMA fans favorite movie, "The Karate Kid." The crowd appreciated the reference to Johnny being instructed to cheat to win the tournament.

6:13 pm: This fight proved why it is important to have a good nick name. Fans werent yelling for Vladimir Matyushenko but rather his memorable moniker "The Janitor." Matyushenko rewarded the crowd for knowing his name by picking up a good decision win over Igor Pokrajac which saw plenty of good fisticuffs.

6:16 pm: Eliot Marshall is jamming his way into the octagon, courtesy of a DMX song. Marshall is best known for his time on season eight of the Ultimate Fighter. Most of the crowd seemed to watch that season judging by the applause he received.

6:35 pm: It is not just the fighters that are getting love from the crowd. UFC ring girls Arianny Celeste, Logan Stanton, and new comer Natasha Wicks get a rise out of the crowd every time the circle the octagon. Who is your favorite...one of the brunettes or the blonde?

Even UFC referee Dan Miragliotta was shown some love when a fan yelled out "Hey Dan" as he walked by the crowd.

6:40 pm: The crowd is growing a bit restless as the third fight of the night resulted in another decision. Something tells me the crowd is ready for a knockout. They boo as Marshall hand is raised, recording a split decision win. For Jason Brilz, it is his first loss inside the octagon.

6:45 pm: UFC newcomer Brian Foster enters the octagon to an acoustic version of Lynard Skynard's "Simple Man." The acoustics are so good in the American Airlines Center it felt like lead singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Gary Rossington were singing the song live on stage. The UFC is definitely half sporting event half concert.

6:54 pm: Fellow UFC newcomer Rick Story finally gave the crowd what they wanted...a fight that didn’t go to the judge's scorecards. The crowd rewarded Story with lively applause when he successfully submitted Brian Foster with an arm triangle in the second round. What was even more impressive was...he did it from the guard position.

6:55 pm: Dallas fans were certainly hungry for their first UFC event. The crowd is near capacity which is always impressive during the undercard. The "Veteran Voice of the Octagon" Bruce Buffer just walked by and the crowd went nuts yelling, "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce."

7:25 pm: For those keeping score at home, Lentz defeated Oliveira by one more decision. Tito Ortiz started getting restless in his seat and decided to venture into the crowd. Tito is doing what he loves best, giving and getting attention from the fans. Is everyone excited to have the "Huntington Bad Boy" back in the octagon?

7:33 pm: Lightweight and fan favorite Jim Miller is coming out to the octagon to the classic "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I am sure singer John Fogerty would approve of Mr. Miller's blue collar sensibilities.

7:40 pm: No one likes things to end prematurely, not like this at least. UFC newcomer Steve Lopez appeared to seperate his shoulder and had to wave of an imcoming Jim Miller. The crowed booed at first until the replays clearly showed the shoulder of Lopez was not cooperating. It is time for a break as the UFC gets ready to begin telivision coverage over on Spike TV. I am going to go wonder around and see if I can spot any fighters and other celebrities in attendence. Wish me luck!

8:15 pm: For all you fans like name dropping here goes: I was able to spot Diego Sanchez, Urijah Faber, the Nogueria Brothers, Jay Hieron and new heavyweight standout Todd Duffee. The highlight though was running into Martin Kampmann in the men’s restroom. We explained pleasantries while using the urinal…very cool and not awkward at all.

8:18 pm: Drew McFedries and Tomasz Drawl were supposed to deliver a knockout to the SPIKE TV audience and they looked like they were on their way, banging early on. Drawl had other plans and submitted his ruthless opponent. Back to the drawing board for Mr. McFedries

8:41 pm: Wow. Cole Miller said he was better standing. I wonder if he is going to remember saying that. The crowd finally got the finish they wanted with many still standing on their feet. It is safe to say they are ready for the main event to start!

9:12: pm: I took a walk before the main event and was able to spot Tito Ortiz once again taking pictures with fans. His wife, Jenna Jameson, seemed more reserved as she sat in her chair. Nearby, Dana White was also playing to the crowd. It is hard to argue he is not the most popular person within the UFC. Also in attendance is Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca is now underway.

9:20 pm: And the crowd boos...Tyson Griffin is pretty prowd of his ability to earn "Fight of the Night" honors but him and Franca better step it up if they want to earn that bonus money.

*edit: Brian is having technical problems with Bleacher so I (Shawn Smith) will be taking over for a while.

11:15 pm: Brian says that Koscheck ran out into the crowd to celebrate his quick victory over Trigg before getting pulled back by security.

11:25 pm: Man, Dos Anjos really destroyed Emerson's leg. For a kickboxer you think he would be able to check a kick better than that!

11:45 pm: Despite the victory Dos Santos did not look overly spectacular. His body shots were rather nice however. Cro-Cop cut yet again perhaps?

11:59 pm: Brain says there is a huge brawl in the crowd. Also, Tyson Griffin went and sat in the audience after his fight and they were loving it.

12:16 pm: Wow, did not see that coming. Is Vitor really next in line for a title shot? I think we should have first ever MMA triple threat match!