Guys Like Christian and Shelton Benjamin are Good for ECW; Quit Whining

Heel MarkCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2009

It is fairly obvious that the ECW that we all knew (and loved) is not the version we are given each and every Tuesday on the SyFy network.

The fans of yesteryear love to hark back to days when barbed wire and flaming tables were as common as President Obama being in the news for something unrelated to the country's economy or healthcare.

Let's get this thing clear, ladies and gentlemen: the original ECW is done, kaput, finished, extinct. Get over it.

There is no more Sandman, Balls Mahoney, New Jack, Sabu (thank God), RVD, and others. You must deal with the Yoshi Tatsu's and Zack Ryder's of the world. And that is not a bad thing at all.

Folks are crying for the likes of Christian and Shelton Benjamin to return to the red or blue brand, but why? I don't have one iota of an issue with them there.

ECW is the show that WWE uses to get viewers comfortable with future stars. Call it the minor leagues if you want, but it's purpose is a wonderful one.

Not only are the fans getting to see new faces, those new faces are getting the chance to get acclimated with performing at a higher level and with more fans in attendance.

For those established stars who have hit a rut, ECW can be a godsend.

But, Christian is a former TNA Champion and was one-half of one of the greatest tag teams of the decade.

So what? John Smoltz was released by the Boston Red Sox earlier this season in baseball. [Expletive] happens. Get used to it.

Shelton Benjamin is perhaps the most gifted athlete on the WWE roster.

And water is wet, what is your point?

ECW is a show that is centered around its youth. Take a look at other young teams in the world of sports. Those teams like to have one or two veterans there. Why?

Because the veterans are a great way to ensure the growth of the youngsters. They can show them the ropes. Drop some knowledge on the young ones, if you will.

If you take the likes of Benjamin and Christian off of Tuesday nights, which veterans do you replace them with? Kane? Big Show? Finlay? Whoever you put, there will be those fans who will make a big stink about things.

If you want to go the more obscure route and say individuals like Jamie Noble or Charlie Haas, then I ask: "What are you smoking?"

As talented as Noble and Haas are, as underused as they are, they aren't drawing powers.

It is drawing power that keeps Christian on ECW. He is a man who has a decent following. Benjamin has a rabid fanbase who are annoyed that he isn't a world champ already.

Is there a Charlie Haas fanbase out there that is burning up the Internet that I don't know about?

Since ECW returned, under the WWE umbrella, they always had a big name or two to lead the company: RVD, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Bobby Lashley, Chris Benoit (oh wait), Kane, and Matt Hardy. Though their popularities range, these men are capable of drawing.

Why do you think TNA employs so many ex-WWE and WCW veterans? They help bring in fans.

Now, ECW could get rid of the veterans and have it as a show with only the youngsters, but who would watch? It's already a show that doesn't really set the world on fire when it comes to ratings, what would happen if bigger name individuals were to leave?

I'm sure that making the show look like FCW on SyFy would result in ratings on par with what some writers would get here if they ran a wrestling promotion. Actually, it won't be that bad, but you get what I mean.

ECW has a small roster, an hour-long show, and the capability of putting on the best show, wrestling wise, out of all four WWE shows. Enjoy the program and stop whining for some of your guys to be shipped off.

In time, the roster will cycle and different veterans will replace those currently on the show. Remember that the fact that you are so adamant on individuals leaving the land of extreme, is the reason why they are in the land of extreme.

Just keep thinking of what ECW did for the likes of John Morrison, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, and Evan Bourne. Think of that and enjoy the 60 minutes the show gives you.