B/R Wrestling Section Competition: The Voting

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 19, 2009

In what could be the best writing competition we have seen on B/R in some time, I have to say I am proud of all involved in the "Who Made the Biggest Impact" competition. Every single one of you made a great case for the wrestler you picked.

At the beginning when everyone was picking, I thought some were crazy picks. But after reading the articles on these wrestlers, I had to change my mind a bit. Which, believe me, is hard to do.

Every single one of the articles got one or more AOTD votes, some had more than others, but it was nice to see that people thought these articles were worth the honor of B/R's Article of the Day.

So, congrats to all of you, because every single one of you involved did a wonderful job.

Now, it's down to business.

For your consideration, here are the articles.


RobShawn Michaels



Adrian Staehle"Stone Cold" Steve Austin



Peter SalmonRey Mysterio


Leroy WatsonJerry "The King" Lawler


HayleyL GrahamAJ Styles



Andrea ClaireEdge



George Peterson"Gorgeous" George Wagner



JustinJeff Hardy



Vitamin DSid Vicious

Sycho Sid: The  Most Impacted Man in Sports Entertainment [HUMOR]


Mike SalvatoreThe Rock

The Great One's Lasting Impact On Professional Wrestling


Joe BurgettLou Thesz

Lou Thesz: The Man Who Made the Biggest Impact on Pro Wrestling



Now, here are the rules. You can vote by putting a comment at the bottom telling me whose article you liked the most. Which one do you agree with? Which one do you think made the biggest impact out of all the ones we chose?

Although notable names such as Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Fabulous Moolah, and Triple H were not written about, please don't hate us, not everyone who made an impact could be chosen. However, we can all agree these men and one woman made an massive impact on the business.

Some of these men were picked, but the deadline came too quickly for some, and they were unable to write about them. Some didn't even pick anyone up there, but had someone else in mind, and were unable to write about them.

However, I had to give a deadline, and I couldn't bend it any. Sorry to those who were unable to get in the competition or were unable to write their article in time.

Now, anyone who participated can still vote, however, you cannot vote for yourself. So, that means you need to pick who you think had the "second best" one.

Now, it is up to you B/R. Again, leave a comment below telling us who you think made the biggest impact on the business out of the people we picked. Good Luck to all who wrote and once again, great job everybody.

Voting will discontinue for this competition Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 2/1c p.m.