UCLA Recruiting Get: Brehaut

JasonCorrespondent IMay 27, 2008

UCLA landed a top-flight quarterback for their 2009 recruiting class, likely wrapping up their recruiting hopes and making up for their earlier loss of Aaron Murray to UGA. You'll excuse me if I wasn't too heartbroken about Murray going to Georgia, UCLA partisans.

This quarterback is Richard Brehaut out of Rancho Cucamonga's Los Osos High School (Spanish translation of Los Osos for you non-Spanish speakersthe Bears).

I know very little about Brehaut—frankly, I tend to know very little about recruit prospects overallbut I do know he's ranked pretty solidly as a four-star quarterback, and both Neuheisel and Chow liked what they saw in him at camp in Santa Barbara over the weekend.

This will likely be the only QB UCLA picks up in their 2009 class, if only because (believe it or not) we have more pressing needs. I understand a lot of people think quarterback is a huge need position at the momentbut from a long-term recruiting perspective, it's not nearly as bleak at it is at present.

We have Crissman (true freshman), Forcier (RS freshman), Prince (true freshman), and Craft (junior) this year. Next year, we will have Craft (senior), Crissman (RS freshman, likely), Forcier (RS sophomore), Prince (RS freshman, likely) and Brehaut (true freshman). If Forcier isn't ready to step up as a third year in the program at that point, we'd be in some trouble, but he should likely be in a good position to do so.

Our needs at quarterback are much more immediate and short-term, because Ben Olson obviously hasn't lived up to his much-hyped potential and our best short-term solution over the past couple of years tore his ACL and is done for the year.

A four-deep quarterback rotation in 2009 really is just fine. We can't magically make seniors out of the freshman we have on our rostersand recruiting more freshman isn't going to solve today's problem.

I'll be very happy once we start landing some good, solid offensive lineman. We are in almost chronic need of offensive lineman in this year's class. This does not make for the most glamorous recruiting class, but it's what we need.