Penn State Friday Tailgate 2009: Week Three Preview

Josh RedcayContributor ISeptember 19, 2009

STATE COLLEGE, PA - SEPTEMBER 12: Linebacker Sean Lee of the Penn State Nittany Lions  lines up for a play against  the Syracuse Orangemen during the second half at Beaver Stadium  September 12, 2009 in State College, Pennsylvania. Penn State won 28-7. (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

The last time the Nittany Lions took on the Owls was last year when they handled them very nicely, winning 45-3. The way PSU has played the last couple games, I wouldn't expect that high a score though. Penn State has a dominating 34-3-1 record vs. Temple.

Time to break it all down.


Opponent: Temple Owls

When: Sept. 19, 12 noon EST.—Big Ten Network

Where: Beaver Stadium

Penn State Key Players: QB Daryll Clark, HB Evan Royster, ILB Sean Lee

Temple Key Players: QB Vaughn Charlton, WR Michael Campbell, S Jaiquawn Jarrett


Penn State Keys to the Game

1. No Sleep Walking!

It seems like the last two very easy games Penn State has just simply "sleep walked" through games and didn't really try all that much. I want to see them no let up against an easy Temple team. They just need to wake up and lay it on them even though they are Temple.

2. Establish Running Game

Not that they need it for a win against Temple, but they will need it for conference play and they better get it in gear now. If they can't run the ball against teams like Syracuse, how will they against Ohio State? The running game is no where near where it should be due to a weak offensive line, they need to address this.

3. For the last time...DON'T LOOK AHEAD!

I know I've said this for the third week in a row now, but it is so true. They have followed this rule so far and I don't expect them not to, but it's weather or not they lay it all on them rather than just sleep walking like I said earlier.


Temple Keys to the Game

1. Be as Aggressive as Possible

What is there to lose? Might as well go all out against the No. 5 team in the nation. Go for it on 4th-and-2 and 4th-and-3, who knows, maybe it will work. Even that will be hard to do in a screaming Beaver Stadium, don't get any hopes up Owl fans.

2. Offense better be productive

This defense has potential to shut down an Ohio State offense, so Temple better be ready on offense. I don't see the Owls getting any more than 100 yards. The Owls are going to need a miracle-like working on offense based off their first games performance losing to Villanova.

3. Come out with EMOTION

Like I say for all upset-hopeful teams, emotion is the most important thing for an upset. And they will need tons of if against PSU. I don't see any upsets at all happening tomorrow. And they will need more than just emotion to win.


Key Player Stat Predictions

Penn State:

QB Daryll Clark: 17/26, 221 yards, 3 TDs

HB Evan Royster: 11 carries, 64 yards, TD

ILB Sean Lee: eight tackles, INT


QB Vaughn Charlton: 11/20, 114 yards, TD

WR Michael Campbell: three receptions, 39 yards, TD

S Jaiquawn Jarrett: three tackles


Thoughts on the Game

I don't see any upsets here, just another cupcake team for the third time in a row. It is time for some conference play. One last game is necessary although, because of the struggling running game. The offensive line better show us something tomorrow.

Penn State will probably pass about 60% of the time and run 40%  of the time, or somewhere around there. Temple will probably go 70% passing to 30% rushing because of a bad rushing game from Temple and a great front seven of PSU.

Another kink that needs to be worked out and proved in this game is the secondary. I hope A.J. Wallace can step up and be a leader. I would also like to see Colin Wagner kick some FGs in the game to see if he improved at all.

Who knows, maybe JoePa will try some more trickery again. It would be nice to see some of that in games against teams like Temple. So, overall, I think it will be like last week, but a little improved.

I still don't see the team improving to where I would like them to be, but I think they will improve off last week.

Final Score Prediction: Penn State vs. Temple 35-10

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