This Week in The Nba and 5 Things I Think

micheal malcolmCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

Here is this weeks edition of "This week in the NBA and 5 Things I think." I attempt to recaputure and bring to light the small and quirky stories reported on the web concerning NBA activity this week Enjoy!

It is shocking the amount of people that drink the Lebron James Kool-Aid. I respect Lebron as an athlete, however as a co-author? Please. The fact that Clevelanders are camping out for a book signing is one of the many funny things that happen in that city.


After two weeks of negotiations, it looks like NBA referees will be locked out. As with baseball, the skill level that will be apparent if the regular season commences with replacements will not be good, if you think Lebron and Wade got calls now…


Apparently Bruce Ratner the embattled New Jersey owner is seeking help through Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov in order to get the Nets to Brooklyn. Ive heard of extracting interest but for about 700 million Prokhorov will apparently get a stake in the team.


The recent group of NBA players that made the trip to South Africa for ‘Basketball without Borders’ have made a tremendous impact on the South African community, if you want to see the good that the younger generation of stars are capable of this would be a great one.


There were enough opinions from Michael Jordan’s HOF speech to cover over 100 years of distaste between Yankee and Red Sox fans. People like Rick Reilly now no longer idolize him, and ESPN’s J.A. Adande looked at it as MJ just being MJ.


Oh and he may play Bryon Russell one-on-one soon enough.


The Miami Heat are finally retiring Tim Hardaway’s jersey. Hardaway as some of you may remember made a homophobic comment in 2007 he is one of the best players in Miami Heat history regardless of his personal social preferences. But he is beginning to change in one writer’s opinion.


On the political side of things Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca is running for the late Edward Kennedy’s senate seat. With a focus on job creation and civil rights Pagliuca can make KG is co-hair of the FUN police seeing how Garnett may not be ready to start the season.


Apparently there is at least one Sacramento fan that is upset with Desmond Mason signing with the team. Subsequently there is also at least one person who is pleased with his addition.


David Stern clearly does not fear losing players to overseas, on the other hand Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm raises another valid point to combat Stern.


Perhaps Pat Riley knows something that we don’t but last time I checked the ‘young core” of the Miami heat was less that satisfactory, especially with the main player Beasley still in rehab.


Kobe Versus. Carmelo but not the way you’d like to see them.

Finally someone has Pacers+add+Head+to+roster+late">signed Luther Head!


I am shocked that Terrance Williams has a huge fan club before the season starts.


Houston fans continue to support the Rockets despite losing their two best players


For all the Kobe Bryant fans that need a fix, and for the detractors that say he’s a selfish basketball player.


Who said the NBA wasn’t biased? Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest are not in the same league as Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant but Al Harrington?


Finally condolences to the family of Mel Simon, the former Pacers owner, here is a piece that describes the impact the brothers have had in Indianapolis.



My 5 Non-NBA Thoughts of the Week


I am incredibly impressed with Judge Andrew Nastoff ruling against former standout Ohio athlete Dwayne “DeeJay” Hunter handing down a sentence that removed Hunter’s ability to play sports in lieu of his felonious assault against a 15 year old boy shooting him twice in the face with a BB gun. The terms: 180 days in jail, 500 Hours of community service, and 5 years probation seem a little bit harsh (I think they are) however the message being sent will hopefully get Hunter (who was being recruited for football and track by practically every Division I school before the incident) back on the right path to becoming a productive member of society.  

Jake Delhomme will throw for at least 2 touchdowns this weekend against Atlanta and the Panthers will win period, keeping the Carolina faithful off his back for at least for one week.


While I am an avid boxing fan I am not interested in watching Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight anymore, this looks like nothing more than a money grab to me.  Personally if Mayweather was attempting to cement his legacy he’d attempt to topple Manny Pacquiao. Somehow I feel that maintaining his perfect record is more important to him.


After watching three games of the Rockies\Giants series, I am speechless. I rather have those two teams in the playoffs than the HGH-Ramirez led Dodgers. The pitching of Tim Lincecum is phenomenal I haven’t witnessed such dominance since Pedro had that video game like season for the Sox back in 1999.


My Football picks for the week (just the winners as I don’t have access to the spread at the moment)

Carolina, Minnesota, Green Bay, Tennessee, Oakland, New England, New Orleans, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo, Pittsburg, San Diego, Denver, DALLAS (sorry personal preference)  and Indianapolis.


Until Next Week!