The To Do List -- Orlando Magic

Jason WilliamsContributor IMay 27, 2008



"The season is over and there is nothing I can do about it now." -- Dwight Howard after the Game 5 loss against the Detroit Pistons.

The season quickly passed by for the Orlando Magic, but their future isn't going anywhere. Next season the Orlando Magic are looking to move forward, and top their performance this season with perhaps a conference final birth the next.

The offseason is now in fold for the Orlando Magic, and cracks need to be filled. The team has a future but how far can they travel on the shoulders of Dwight Howard?

The ongoing saga of Jameer Nelson seems to be running out of gas. His playoff performance was amazing, but will he carry it out into next season? Looking back on his short history as a player; the answer is most probably no. He's shown signs of a great future, but continues to battle with consistency, something that may riddle him forever.

But enough with the bad, odd's are he's going to be starting next season unless we get our hands on someone amazing to run at point (which is far from doubtful).

Jameer Nelson's work ethic is unmatched by most on his team, he strives on motivation, and although a playoff loss seems bad, it'll be seen as a learning curve and perhaps will jumpstart the motor for next season.

Our most surprising package, Hedo Turkoglu isn't showing signs of slowing down, racking career-high-numbers and showing that he's an All-Star caliber player. Expectations next season will be much higher than last's, so let's not hope he pulls a 'one hit wonder' type performance.

Rashard Lewis was perhaps the largest of our disappointments. Was he worth the contract? Hell no, but he's giving us a consistent 18 points which could be of benefit. Maybe he hasn't gelled in chemistry-wise, or maybe he just isn't the player he was in Seattle.

And then there's Dwight Howard. I guess it can be described in a few words, perhaps less -- Dominant.

However outside our 'big four' there's some type of players that could be lured into the off season.

Who fancies a college stud, who is lethal from behind the ark? Does a future pick tickle your fancy? Which team lacks a two guard who can play defense? Then the list goes on. Which leads me to say 'OTIS GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING,' or is he going to just watch our future slip away?

Orlando can look to get their hands onto someone who can relieve pressure from Dwight or a shooting guard who isn't over-sized, and plays both defense and offense. (Mo and Bogans do only half of each) Then finally the obvious, let's get some fire-power off the bench.

So who are the answer for the Orlando Magic this off-season? Why not these guys?

-- Josh Childress: He is a free agent this summer, however isn't going to settle for small money. How about we look into a sign and trade. This way we can make room for a defensive/offensive - two guard who doesn't lack size.

I'm sure players like JJ Redick, Keyon Dooling, and maybe our 2008 first pick is going to make them look twice over this.

-- PJ. Brown: Anyone else remember the rumors surrounding interest behind PJ and the Orlando Magic? This isn't someone like our other active big men. PJ can crash the boards, while being a menace offensively. But more then less, actually grab a few boards and join Dwight Howard in doing the dirty work. He'll be going for dead-cheap and is surely an option.

-- Juwan Howard: A previous Magic players, someone who can score, yet grab rebounds at will. I'm sure most Orlando Magic fan's know what he's capable of, why not get him back?

With that said, remember a guy named Tony Battie? Although he was out for the season, he was one of the more consistent players in Orlando. Perhaps he could do something in filling the gap for Orlando Magic big men.

Outside the free agency there is also the draft. Who could we possibly get? This is perhaps the strongest class since LeBron James and Co. Perhaps we'll find a diamond in the rough. Look at these guys.

-- Roy Hibbert: Starting the year, he was projected to go in the top 10. But his performance may have declined his stock. However he's combination of defensive skills, and developing offensive game is going to be of 'starting' - caliber.

-- Nathan Jawai: Being from Australia, I've felt the dominance of the big man first hand. He's an aggressive big man who isn't afraid to do the dirty work. He combines his athleticism with a raw offensive game which is only going to develop. Think of a Charles Oakley with a more rounded game. Providing he lives upto the big stage potential-wise.

-- Chase Budinger: He's an oversized shooting guard who can shoot lights out behind the arc. Combine that with a well rounded offensive game, and we've got a starter on our hands. He's quickly improving, definitely an underdog in this years class.

More or less, the Orlando Magic are still building to be a top team in the East. Although they are close they aren't matched towards the top teams of Boston and Detroit, refer to the Pistons series for more.

This season is a huge learning curve and with changes like that, they're a top team in the East. But is Otis gonna do something? Surprise me!