Dion Phaneuf is a Jackass

5-hole.comContributor ISeptember 17, 2009

And no, this post has nothing to do with Sean Avery (shock).

Earlier tonight, in a preseason game between the Calgary Flames and the New York Islanders, Dion Phaneuf clearly thought that a match that’s mostly for conditioning and shaking off the summer rust, and really doesn’t mean jackshit one way or the other, was a perfectly good time to do this to Kyle Okposo:

Now, you all know that I hate the Islanders, and everyone associated with them.  However, to lay that vicious of a hit on a young player in a game that doesn’t matter in the slightest is a horrible thing to do – it’s bad enough you have to make us all look at your Cro Magnon face, Dion, come on.


Phaneuf pictured here looking uber-douchey with the league bicycle, whose name escapes me. Starts with an 'S', I think. (For front-page purposes)

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